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Movie Info: Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker is a movie starring Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, and Adam Driver. The surviving members of the resistance face the First Order once again, and the legendary conflict between the Jedi and Writed by: Chris Terrio, J.J. Abrams Duration: 2H 22 minute average rating: 7,7 of 10 stars Genres: Sci-Fi, Action. Ratovi zvijezda 3a uspon skywalkera teks. Following the release of Star Wars:  The Last Jedi, its time to get excited about for Episode IX – Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Ahead of its December release, heres what we know about the final film in the new Skywalker trilogy. Recent updates: Star Wars have shared an official further look at the returning Palpatine James Earl Jones returns as Darth Vader in newly released clip It seems that redemption for Kylo Ren is out of the question Its been confirmed that Leia will be training Rey in the Force New TV spot points to the Emperor somehow returning in The Rise of Skywalker JJ Abrams: “The ambition of this movie is far greater than  Force Awakens. ” Daisy Ridley says the film sees Rey “driving her own thing” and “not doing what other people are telling her to do. ” Anthony Daniels discusses the films climax: “A good ending feels right. ” JJ Abrams teases an appearance from Ahsoka Tano Another look at the resurrected Palpatine has been shared Many Star Wars fans were shocked at the return of Emperor Palpatine in the new film – he was presumed dead in 1983s Return Of The Jedi – and the franchise have now shared another image of the character. “It was kind of a delicate balance and went back and forth a lot about how much we wanted to reveal, ” one of the films editors, Maryann Brandon, told   The Huffington Post. “Some scenes changed quite a bit, the way that we wanted to present it to the audience. In the end, we ended up showing a lot less of it than we started with. ” Get a further look at Palpatine below. Emperor Palpatine in ‘Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker. Credit: Lucasfilm Have we seen any footage from the film? Yes! The a new clip has just been released, which sees Kylo Ren journey to meet with the Emperor (Ian McDiarmid) – but ends with him hearing from an all too familiar voice. “At last, my boy… I have been every voice you have ever heard… inside your head, ” it says, as McDiarmid hands the baton to Andy Serkis as the CGI villain Supreme Leader Snoke, and, finally, to James Earl Jones – reprising his iconic role as Darth Vader from the original trilogy, and a cameo in  Revenge of the Sith. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Clip Nothing will prepare you for the end. Watch an exclusive clip from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. See it in theaters December 20! Get tickets: Posted by Star Wars Movies on Thursday, December 12, 2019 Before that, the first clip arrived on social media a few weeks ago, and its action packed. It sees Rey, Finn, Poe and the rest of the gang riding on a desert craft while being pursued by a gang of relentless stormtroopers. Rather them than us. Check out this clip from #StarWars: TheRiseOfSkywalker. See it in theaters December 20. Get your tickets: — Star Wars ( starwars) November 25, 2019 A new TV spot called ‘Duel was also shared in November 2019, which features the voice of the Emperor (Ian McDiarmid. What that means, and whether he will somehow make a return in The Rise of Skywalker remains to be seen…. Have there been any reactions to The Rise Of Skywalker? As the film nears its release date, a handful of actors have been sharing their thoughts after getting an early glimpse at the film. Richard E. Grant said he “stood and cheered”, “cried” and “fist pumped the air” while watching episode 9 in a video message posted to Twitter. “Just seen the 1st cast screening of [The Rise Of Skywalker] ” he wrote. “What it achieves, weaves & resolves, is a total emotional meltdown & resurrection of the Spirit. ” Is there a trailer? Yes, there is. A final trailer for Star Wars Episode 9 was released on October 22. It teases the appearance of Palpatine, an epic face-off between Rey and Kylo Ren, as well as a scene with the late Carrie Fisher as General Leia Organa. Watch it below: Can I already buy my ticket? Yes, you can. Tickets for Star Wars Episode 9 officially went on sale after the premiere of the October 22 trailer. Tickets for the US are officially on sale here. Star Wars Episode 9: whats the release date? December 20, 2019. The film was originally set to be released on May 24, but production issues in August and September 2017 – including director and screenwriter changes – has pushed the films schedule back by six months. Meanwhile, Luke Skywalker himself Mark Hamill has been counting down to the movie: Who's counting? 9WillBeFineAllInGoodTime — Mark HoHoHoHamill ( HamillHimself) July 5, 2018 Its claimed that the upcoming film could see Luke Skywalkers return as a force ghost after he seemingly perished at the end of the last film. What is the title of Episode 9? The next instalment is called  The Rise of Skywalker, as confirmed with the release of a teaser trailer in April 2019. Whos directing Episode 9? J. J. Abrams Colin Trevorrow – the man behind the 1bn-making blockbuster Jurassic World – was set to direct but crashed out of the project in September to be replaced by  The Force Awakens director J. Abrams. Speaking to Empire in September 2019, Abrams spoke of taking over from Rian Johnson, who helmed The Last Jedi. “I never found myself trying to repair anything, ” he said of possibly undoing some of Johnsons bold decisions from the last instalment. “If I had done VIII, I would have done things differently, just as Rian would have done things differently if he had done VII. “But having worked on television series, I was accustomed to creating stories and characters that then were run by other people. ” He added: “If youre willing to walk away from the thing that you created and you believe its in trustworthy hands, you have to accept that some of the decisions being made are not gonna be the same that you would make. And if you come back into it, you have to honour whats been done. ” Talking more about the process of creating episode 9 in a new feature with EW, Abrams says: “We had more reshoots on Episode VII than this one. We had more story adjustments on VII than this one. We didnt know if these characters would work, if the actors would be able to carry a Star Wars movie. There were a lot of things we didnt know. “On this, we knew who and what worked, and everyone is doing the best work Ive ever seen anyone do. But the ambition of this movie is far greater than Force Awakens. What we set out to do was far more challenging. Everything is exponentially larger on this. ” Who wrote the script? In August 2017, Jack Thorne – most famous for working with J. K. Rowling on the stage play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – began rewriting the untitled Star Wars Episode IX,  according to The Hollywood Reporter. In September 2017 it was reported that the film was now being rewritten by the Oscar-winning screenwriter of  Argo, Chris Terrio, and J. Abrams – meaning Thorne has presumably been replaced. When did filming start? In an interview on  The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,  J. Abrams confirmed that shooting started towards the end of July 2018 – and that the script had been finished. “We have a script, which is a big deal for me, ” he said. “It starts shooting end of July. Sometimes having the script in advance is something I havent always been lucky enough to have. ” Filming was confirmed to have wrapped in February 2018. Have any posters been released? Yes. Heres the official theatrical poster. A new poster was unveiled during a panel at this D23 Expo 2019. A stunning array of character posters were unveiled to celebrate the final month leading up to the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Rey Finn Kylo Ren Poe Dameron BB-8 Zorii Bliss Jannah Lando Calrissian Chewbacca Rose Tico C-3PO R2-D2 D-O An exclusive IMAX poster was released on November 30 2019. Incorporating franchise legends Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia with Rey and Kylo Ren, the poster sees twin moons float in the backdrop. Have we seen any photos? Yes. Photos have leaked from the set showing Chewbacca (Joonas Suotamo) Finn (John Boyega) Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) and more. The characters are pictured in a field, accompanied by some very shaggy horses. Fans have speculated a figure in the photos could be newcomer Naomi Ackie but the quality of the images make it too hard to tell. Quelques autres photos. On y voit également Chewbacca! — Star Wars Actu France ( StarWarsActuFR) August 23, 2018 J. Abrams also celebrated the end of filming by sharing a set photo featuring Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and Oscar Isaac. In the picture, the three are involved in what looks like an emotional hug on a sandy planet. “It feels impossible, but today wrapped photography on  Episode IX, ” Abrams captioned the post. “There is no adequate way to thank this truly magical crew and cast. Im forever indebted to you all. ” It feels impossible, but today wrapped photography on Episode IX. There is no adequate way to thank this truly magical crew and cast. Im forever indebted to you all. — JJ Abrams ( jjabrams) February 15, 2019 John Boyega also shared the photo along with an emotional post about his experience filming the trilogy. On Instagram, the actor wrote: “Thats a wrap on Star Wars episode 9 and the end to a chapter of my life that I couldnt be more thankful for. What a process! It really has been a joy to be in these movies surrounded by amazing people. I personally want to thank @jjabramsofficial for giving me a chance to make my dreams come true. ” He also shared a photo from the Wrap Party as filming came to an end: On May 22, Vanity Fair shared epic promotional images from the movie as part of its ‘ultimate preview. Boyega shared some of the images on his Twitter, including one of his character, Finn, riding Orbaks into battle with new character, Jannah (Naomi Ackie. We fight. Thank you Annie Leibovitz for capturing this powerful image and thank you to @vanityfair for all your support throughout this franchise. I cant wait for the audience to see us strike back this December! Starwars — John Boyega ( JohnBoyega) May 22, 2019 A lot of cool design and visuals happening here for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. — Rob Keyes ( rob_keyes) May 22, 2019 A new poster shared at Disneys D23 expo in California shows footage from the film, namely Rey and Kylo Ren deep in battle. See that below. On October 3, a first look was given at a new character called Babu Frik. Described as a “tiny Anzellan droidsmith”, the creature “works among the Spice Runners of Kijimi and can reprogram or modify virtually any droid — regardless of the security measures protecting its systems. ” See the first image of the new character below. On October 3, a new poster has revealed some more clues about Keri Russells mysterious new character, Zori Bliss. The poster clearly shows the character on the “good side” suggesting she will be involved with the resistance in some way. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Available 10/4 at #TheRiseOfSkywalker #TROS #StarWars #FirstLook #ForceFriday — Trends International ( intltrends) September 27, 2019 On October 5, Dominic Monaghan shared a photo of himself in character. While the name of his character is still not yet known, Monaghan posted the pic to his Instagram, captioning it: “Oh its on now. @starwars #becurious. ” Whos in Episode 9? Disney confirmed much of the cast list last July. Returning cast members include: Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Lupita Nyongo, Domhnall Gleeson, Kelly Marie Tran, Joonas Suotamo, and Billie Lourd. Veteran Star Wars actors Mark Hamill, Anthony Daniels, and Billy Dee Williams – who will reprise his role as Lando Calrissian – also star in the film. Newcomers to the cast include Naomi Ackie and Richard E. Grant. Keri Russell is also on board for The Rise Of Skywalker, and weve been given a sneak peek of her character Zorri Bliss, who is set to become the most wanted toy in the universe. See the elusive first pic of the character below. Fans also think theyve unearthed footage of a new character in a new edition of the Topps Trading Cards. The photo, reportedly of a character set for The Rise Of Skywalker, comes along with the caption “A New Face. ” The existence of the character isnt confirmed. from the new topps trading cards, apparently this is from the rise of skywalker 👀 — 𝐬𝐨𝐩𝐡𝐢𝐞 ❀ (semi hiatus. reysrepublic) October 15, 2019 Lord Of The Rings and  Lost  star Dominic Monaghan has also been confirmed to appear in the movie. “The galaxy far, far away has had almost as much influence as the one I live in, so I am delighted to be involved, ” he told  Deadline. Its been confirmed that Doctor Who ‘s Matt Smith will also appear in the forthcoming film. However, details of his character are being kept firmly under wraps and its not known whether hell be on the side of the evil empire or the rebels. Carrie Fisher as Leia in ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi The late Carrie Fisher will posthumously play General Leia Organa in the movie. She will be featured in the new film using previously unreleased footage which was shot for 2015s  Star Wars: The Force Awakens. “We desperately loved Carrie Fisher, ” Abrams said in July last year. “Finding a truly satisfying conclusion to the Skywalker saga without her eluded us. We were never going to recast, or use a CG character. With the support and blessing from her daughter, Billie, we have found a way to honour Carries legacy and role as Leia in Episode IX by using unseen footage we shot together in Episode VII. ” In May 2019, Abrams spoke further about the decision to include Fisher. “Its hard to even talk about it without sounding like Im being some kind of cosmic spiritual goofball, ” the director told Vanity Fair. “But it felt like we suddenly had found the impossible answer to the impossible question. It has a bizarre kind of left side/right side of the brain sort of Venn diagram thing, of figuring out how to create the puzzle based on the pieces we had. ” Hamill paid tribute to his late co-star on July 29, 2018 following the news, writing on Twitter that it was “bittersweet to be facing my final chapter without her – she is irreplaceable”. See his tribute below. It's bittersweet facing my final chapter without her-She is simply irreplaceable. I'm finding solace in the fact that she won't BE replaced & would love the worldwide outpouring of affection from those who loved her when they heard the news. #CarrieOnForever — Mark HoHoHoHamill ( HamillHimself) July 29, 2018 Hamill also told the Radio Times in March 2019 that he believes Fisher would “get a real kick out” of starring in Episode 9. “Something tells me shed get a real kick out of the fact she had a hit movie years after she left us, ” he said. “That was just her. ” Additionally, Hamill revealed that he still finds it difficult to watch his final scene with her in The Last Jedi, where Luke says farewell to sister Leia before facing Kylo Ren. He said: “When I watch that scene when I say goodbye to her, it takes me out of the movie completely. ” “Id like to think nothing would be better than having her here because she was always fun… She could always make me laugh. I was proud that I could make her laugh. Thats really what its all about! ” Although Fishers return will come in the form of unused footage, Ant-Man & The Wasps Evangeline Lilly has admitted that she wanted to play the role of Leia. She told fans at a recent convention: “When JJ (Abrams) announced that he was gonna do his first Star Wars film, I reached out to his producing partner for the first time ever since Lost ended. “I never requested anything ever before, and I said, ‘I wanna be Leia! Make me Leia! ” The latest casting rumour claims that  Episode IX will bring back Lukes Rogue Squadron co-founder, Wedge Antilles. Denis Lawson, who played the character in  A New Hope  (1977)   The Empire Strikes Back  (1980) and  Return of the Jedi  (1983) is expected to reprise the role 36 years on. A rep for Lawson told Star Wars fan podcast  Rebel Force Radio  that the character will have a presence in the new movie. Additionally, in November 2019 a TV spot called ‘Duel (later shared on YouTube) has the Emperors (Ian McDiarmid) voiceover. Does this mean his character is somehow making a comeback in The Rise of Skywalker? Could Luke come back as a Force-Ghost? Mark Hamill (Luke) certainly seems to think so. In a tweet posted on March 14, 2018 he included an action figure of his role as Luke in  The Last Jedi captioned “Senior Citizen Jedi Pension-Plan Future Force-Ghost Luke” – implying he thinks Luke will be returning as a Force ghost in Episode 9. And its not the first time hes teased his fans about returning for the final movie of the new trilogy. Luke How Far I've Come: A) Generic Lemon-Haired Ken Doll Luke B) Black-Haired Semi-Conscious Adult-Diaper Luke C) Pumped-Up Roid-Rage With Balcony You Could Do Shakespeare From Luke D) Senior Citizen Jedi Pension-Plan Future Force-Ghost Luke #CollectEmAll — Mark HoHoHoHamill ( HamillHimself) March 14, 2018 In 2016, Hamill teased his characters death in  The Last Jedi – but he also stated hed be back for Episode 9 – another hint that hell be returning as Lukes Force ghost. Haven't seen my chin since May '15, so #FarewellFacialFur. ByeByeBeard (at least til #EpisodeIX) popculturequest — Mark HoHoHoHamill ( HamillHimself) August 30, 2016 Since the release of The Last Jedi, director Rian Johnson has since commented on the speculation: “I dont know where the next movie is going to go. (Abrams) and Chris Terrio are writing it right now. But it seemed like the potential of Luke crossing into a new realm, that offers exciting possibilities for the role he plays in the coming chapter. No ones ever really gone. Again, Im not writing the script, so I dont know. But as a fan, I would hope [he returns. ” Will we learn anything more about Reys parents? Quite possibly. Rian Johnson, the director of  The Last Jedi,  has said the question of Reys parentage remains open after Kylo Ren told her in  TLJ  that they were “nobodies”. Asked to explain Kylo Rens revelation to Rey in  The Last Jedi, Johnson told HuffPost: “The easy thing would be, ‘Yes, your parents are so and so and heres your place in the world. There you go. The hardest thing she could hear would be: ‘No, youre not going to get the answer. This is not going to define you. Youre going to have to find your own place in this world. Kylo is going to use that even as leverage to try and make you feel insecure, and youre going to have to stand on your own two feet. '” However, Johnson said that the question of her parentage could be explored further in episode 9: “Anythings still open, ” he said, “and Im not writing the next film. [J. Abrams and Chris Terrio] are doing it. ” He also suggested that Kylo Rens revelation to Rey might not have been entirely true: “With all of these movies, Obi-Wans whole speech about a certain point of view always applies, so I think that you have to always think about the context of how information is given. But for me, dramatically, thats why that reveal at that moment made sense. ” What do we know about the plot? Nothing concrete – but we do know that Daisy Ridley cried when she found out about Reys fate in a former draft of the script. In  Collider ‘s Jedi Council podcast, SNL  actor Bobby Moynihan – a friend of the films original director Colin Trevorrow – recounts the time when he saw Trevorrow telling Ridley what happened to her. “I introduced him to Daisy Ridley at the  SNL  after-party, ” he explains. “I saw a moment where she said, ‘What happens to me? And he said, ‘Do you want to do this now? And she said, ‘Yeah, and they went off into a corner of the bar and he whispered it into her ear and she started crying. ” Discussing more about Reys role in the film in an EW cover story, Ridley says: “Rey is driving her own thing. Shes not doing what other people are telling her to do. ” Going on to discuss her Jedi training, Ridley continued: “I have skills that have developed, but ‘confident isnt a word Id use to describe it. Shes definitely more in control of everything and can do new fun stuff, but shes vulnerable and a little insecure about at all. ” Star Wars creators have now confirmed that Leia will be training Rey in the Force during the film. A press junket for The Rise Of Skywalker revealed: “General Leia Organa continues to lead the heroic Resistance, building back a fighting force after having suffered costly setbacks. Leia is also training Rey in the ways of the Force, for the galaxy still has need of a Jedi. ” Daisy Ridley as Rey in ‘Star Wars Despite Rey training in the force, it seems that Kylo Ren remains as entrenched in the dark side as ever – and hes certainly not going to change. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Adam Driver, was asked whether a change of heart could be possible. “What does he have to be redeemed for? ” he said. “[Kylo Ren] has a different identity, a different definition of what redemption is. Hes already been redeemed in his story. “I dont think there is a thought of redemption. He doesnt have an outside lens of the events, you know — you know what I mean? Thats more of an outsiders view of his world. ” We can also expect The Rise of Skywalker to bring plenty of surprises. Speaking about the plot in an Awesome Con conference call, John Boyega (Finn) said the movie will be “all out war”. He said: “Regardless of where the story goes – and I havent read it, by the way – is going to be all-out war, so I know that Im going to have to do all I can and train for that. ” Another huge hint comes from John Boyega, who revealed that “the film takes place roughly one year after the events of The Last Jedi”. Now, fans are taking this as proof that a time-jump could occur – after Boyega previously teased a change in his character. “I cant wait to start shooting the next and final leg of the franchise. The first step is growing out my hair, so you can wait for the trailer to see why, ” said Boyega. This months Empire magazine… did i miss something? “John Boyega confirmed the film takes place roughly one year after the events of The Last Jedi”. — Riri ( Riri19911) December 21, 2018 In October 2018, fans noticed that a description of the movies concept artwork could point towards a Death Star-style superweapon. The powerful device could play a part in bringing the final film to an explosive and dramatic finale. The leak reads: “Specifically, a description of Kylo Ren inside his throne room, assumed to be the headquarters of the First Order, viewing a hologram [from] a device held in his hand. “Kylo appears to be examining three large superweapons that are in a cylindrical shape with an enormous engine on each side of each superweapon of this ship/weapon, destroying terrain on a planet. The engine burner is coloured red and the blast from the bottom of these three massive weapons is coloured blue, impacting a surface causing astronomical destruction. Parts of the weapon seem to be under construction and not finished. ” Fans picked up on the fact that this could be referring to the World Devastators featured in the Star Wars  extended universe. In March 2019, Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron) revealed that Episode 9 will be the end of the Skywalker saga. Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) Speaking to Today, the actor said: “It is the end of the entire Skywalker saga. “Nine stories. This is the culmination of the entire thing. What J. has done, and the entire Lucasfilm team, is incredibly fulfilling. ” He continued: “Its also special for us because you get to learn a lot more things about these characters. ” Meanwhile, Ridley has rubbished rumours that Rey and Kylo are set for romance in the next instalment of the saga. Speaking to Steele Wars, she said: “I do know about Reylo…I dont know how I feel about it, because everyones talking about the toxic thing of a relationship when its essentially emotional. “Its a tricky road. I do feel like, deep down, Kylo thinks what hes doing is right and he doesnt think hes wrong, but he has also killed so many people. So I cant really get behind it, no, in a personal way. ” In May 2019, Adam Driver spoke to Vanity Fair about a “maybe-bond” between his character, Kylo Ren, and Rey (Daisy Ridley. He discusses the potential ‘ReyLo situation: whether Kylo Ren will end up being in a relationship with Rey, possibly as part of a redemption angle. “And then he had been forging this maybe-bond with Rey, ” Driver said in the interview, “and it kind of ends with the question in the air: is he going to pursue that relationship, or when the door of her ship goes up, does that also close that camaraderie that they were maybe forming? ” Driver doesnt give too much away but he doesnt shut the idea down either…. In September 2019  The Rise of Skywalker co-writer Chris Terrio told Empire that the film builds on Ren and Reys “complicated” relationship. “Weve tried to pick up that complicated relationship that really has been present ever since the interrogation in Episode VII. When Ren takes off his mask, theres a nakedness about him with Rey that he doesnt express to anyone else. Rian developed that in fascinating ways and weve been able to develop it even further, ” he said. Elsewhere in the Vanity Fair piece, Driver addresses Rens emotionally fragile state, citing his parents Han and Leias rebellion efforts as part of the reason for his vulnerability. Ren, he argues, essentially grew up under the pressure of living up to unrealistic expectations. “How do you form friendships out of that? How do you understand the weight of that? ” he said. “And if theres no one around you guiding you, or articulating things the right way … it can easily go awry. By the emotional logic that governs the Star Wars universe—and also our own—Kylo Ren is going to have to confront the past, and his fears, whatever they are, or be destroyed by them. ” Daisy Ridley has said that the film will feature “one of the most epic fights” in Star Wars history. “The interesting thing about this film is that we concentrate more on the fact that [the lightsabers] are light, ” she told  Wired. “Because the [old] lightsabers were so heavy, as Eunice [Huthart] said, who is our new stunt coordinator, that it was more like broadsword fighting, which isnt technically what its supposed to be because lightsabers are supposed to be light, by nature. “So they actually made the lightsabers lighter for us. We, in this film, have, perhaps one of the most epic fights in  Star Wars. ” Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Luke (Mark Hamill) in ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi Co-writer Chris Terrio has said  The Rise of Skywalker will answer two major questions about Rey and the Force. Terrio explained to Empire: “We kept coming back to ‘Who is Rey. and how can we give the most satisfying answer to that not only factually – because obviously people are interested in whether theres more to be learned of Reys story – but more importantly who is she as a character? “How will she find the courage and will and inner strength and power to carry on what shes inherited? ” He added: “[‘How strong is the Force. sounds a little simple, but actually when you get down to it, that is a sort of Zen Koan that we would really meditate on – not literally in yoga poses or anything, but like we would discuss, ‘What is the Force and how strong is the Force? ” On October 18, J. Abrams told Entertainment Weekly that The Rise of Skywalker will “answer as many questions as possible. ” “Endings are the thing that scare me the most, ” Abrams admitted, before explaining what fans could expect from the final movie in the latest Star Wars trilogy. “This is about bringing this thing to a close in a way that is emotional and meaningful and also satisfying in terms of actually answering [as many] questions as possible. “So if years from now, someones watching these movies, all nine of them, theyre watching a story that is as cohesive as possible. ” He added: “While there were many things that were planned for and discussed — George Lucas himself said when he created this he saw it as three, three-act plays — that doesnt mean there isnt discovery, that doesnt mean there arent things that come up that make you realise, ‘Oh, heres an opportunity. “It also doesnt mean that theres a list of payoffs that we have to do because of setups. But we also were very much aware this is the end of the trilogy and it needs to satisfy. We went into this thing knowing it has to be an ending. Were not screwing around. ” Daisy Ridley has also opened up about ‘Dark Rey, who was shown in the trailer, admitting it was “fun” to play the best and worst versions of her character. “Its fun to play someones best version, and then the worst, ” the stars told Adoro Cinema and other press (via. “Its an amazing thing to do as an actress, but we cant do it often… I felt very good. Thats the most I can say, unfortunately. ” She added of filming one particularly emotional scene: “There was a scene that touched me a lot. It was our last day shooting in Jordan and the natural light was fading. “And it was so exciting. It was just a short scene, we filmed very fast, but the crew was shaken in a way I had not seen before. And I thought, ‘My God, if this is peoples immediate reaction when the scene isnt even ready, imagine what it will be like to see it in the movies, with the John Williams soundtrack and all that. ” Director JJ Abrams has also teased the possibility that we could have a reference or even some sort of appearance from fan favourite character Ahsoka Tano. Tano was Anakin Skywalkers Padawan and appeared in TV shows The Clone Wars and Rebels, though has never appeared on the big screen. When an interviewer revealed their favourite Star Wars character was Tano, Abrams told Japanese outlet Sora News: “Hmmm, Ahsoka, huh? Well then youll probably want to watch closely during The Rise of Skywalker. ” What happened to the Death Star? As we know, The Rebel Alliance destroyed the Death Star in  Return of the Jedi, but the wreckage is set to feature in The Rise Of Skywalker, and the  Disney Parks  blog has revealed where it will be found. After a watery landscape was shown in the trailer for  The   Rise of Skywalker, Disney has revealed that the Death Star wreckage now reside on an ocean moon named Kef Bir. Will fans like the ending? Maybe. Daisy Ridley has promised it wont be as controversial as  Game Of Thrones  big finale. Of course, details about the trilogys ending are being kept firmly under wraps right now so she could turn out to be very wrong, but hopefully there wont be any petition for a re-write this time. Anthony Daniels, the famous voice of C-3PO, has discussed the ending as part of a feature with EW, simply saying: “Its a very good ending, and a good ending feels right. ” Will we see Han Solos dice again? Yes, probably. In the below official  Star Wars video from explaining the secrets of  The Last Jedi, its revealed that Rian Johnson originally included Hans gold dice as a reference to  The Force Awakens. In a TFA  scene that was deleted after Johnson wrote The Last Jedi, Han hangs up the gold dice on the Millennium Falcon when he gets it back. In  TLJ, the astral-projected version of Luke gives the gold dice to Leia – and, because that  TFA scene was deleted, this now looks like a reference to the dices mise-en-scene presence in the original trilogy. Star Wars  story group member Matt Martin teases that the dice will be back in  The Rise of Skywalker  by saying “wink wink” – catch the moment in the video below, which also explains how the dice are intended to help us mourn Han Solo. Will John Williams score Episode 9? Yes, but this is likely to be his last score for the Star Wars sequel. For a long time it wasnt clear whether, at the age of 85, Williams would continue in his role of scoring all of the Star Wars saga (to date he has scored Episodes I-VIII, but not the Anthology films.   News of his involvement was confirmed in an interview with  Variety  in January 2018. “I would very much like to complete that, ” he said. “I dont think you can retire from writing. I feel very lucky, and the work that I do doesnt depend on much. If your visions still good, and your hands – I have no arthritis in my hands and I play the piano very easily – I dont think theres any reason to deprive oneself of the fun of working. Music is so rewarding. ” Williams indicated in interview with US radio station KUSC earlier this month that this would be his final  Star Wars  film. “We know JJ Abrams is preparing one [Star Wars movie] now that I will hopefully do next year for him, ” he said. “I look forward it. It will round out a series of nine, that will be quite enough for me. ” Who else is on the crew? In February 2018, the art director of Blade Runner 2049, Paul Inglis,  reportedly joined the crew of  Star Wars: Episode 9, suggesting the next  Star Wars films look will be as strong as the Oscar-nominated design of the huge sci-fi film. His past experience also includes  Skyfall,  Game of Thrones, and Prometheus. In his role as art director he helps bring the production designers vision to life, builds sets and helps curate the look of the film. When did shooting begin? In December 2016, Deadline reported that filming wont begin for ‘about a year – which would be late 2017. According to a leaked casting call notice, shooting was set to begin in July 2017. In September 2017, following the departure of Colin Trevorrow – which changed the films production timeline – it was  confirmed that the film would begin shooting in June 2018. And in February 2018, JJ Abrams verified the summer 2018 filming date in a message to Japans D23 Expo. How will Episode 9 be filmed? Its going to be filmed on 65mm format – a first for the series. The Force Awakens was shot on 35mm, and so was The Last Jedi. 65mm film will mean Abrams will be able to work with large frames at higher quality – making the experience similar to IMAX. What are the latest rumours? The Millennium Falcon wont make it through the film On the latest episode of his podcast, Kevin Smith theorised that Han Solos beloved ship wont make it through The Rise of Skywalker. “They killed Han Solo in  The Force Awakens. ” he said. “They killed Luke Skywalker in  The Last Jedi. Sadly, Carrie has passed, so they have to deal with the Princess Leia of it all. But what do you think is the next big loss? I think its the Falcon. That would really rip all of our hearts out… “Theyll never kill Chewie, ” he continued, “because you could be Chewie for 400 years. Its a guy in a suit. They cant kill any of the droids, that could be anybody and stuff. But theyve got to kill something that makes us go ‘No! I f*cking love that from my childhood! ” There are rumours circulating amongst fans that (an as yet unconfirmed) leak of a storyboard from the upcoming movie may reveal Reys death at the end of The Rise of Skywalker. As reported in  We Got This Covered, there are “unverifiable reports” (reported in  The Express  and via Mike Zeroh initially) that a series of storyboards have been leaked, reportedly showing the climax of J. Abrams trilogy-ender. The storyboards allegedly show Kylo Ren cradling Rey, in a scene echoing Lukes final scene with Vader in  Return of the Jedi. Red is reportedly crying as he cradles Rey and puts his hand on her forehead while destruction rages all around. You can watch a video in which Mike Zeroh explains the theory more here.

Ratovi zvijezda uspon skywalkera recenzija. Ratovi zvijezda 3a uspon skywalkera remix. Theres been plenty of speculation about the future of the Star Wars franchise since 2017s  Star Wars: Episode VIII — The Last Jedi  hit theaters, and now the premiere of Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker is here The final, full-length trailer for The Rise of Skywalker offered some intriguing hints as to how the Skywalker saga will conclude, including a brief scene from an epic space battle featuring more than a few iconic ships, and now that weve seen it, weve got our own opinions that dont necessarily follow the critics consensus. The Rise of Skywalker brings back director J. J. Abrams to close out this arc of the iconic sci-fi saga after he helmed 2015s franchise-relaunching Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens. While Star Wars: Episode IX is now available for your viewing pleasure, if youve yet to see the film, heres everything to know ahead of the action. Jedi mind tricks In a special event hosted in the game Fortnite, Disney released another clip from the upcoming film. This time, we see Rey, Finn, and Poe land on an Imperial space station (which looks strangely familiar to previous films Death Star scenes) and instantly take out a few Stormtroopers. They run into a corridor where theyre stopped by two more Stormtroopers and look to be done for. However, Rey raises a hand and pulls a classic page from Obi-Wan Kenobis book, telling the Stormtroopers, “Its okay that were here. ” They agree, after which Poe asks Finn, “Does she do that to us? ” Its a little comic relief following a potentially significant reveal: That Rey has fully embraced and mastered the Jedi ability to control minds. A telling new clip A clip from Episode IX released a week before  Rise of Skywalker hit theaters features the voice of James Earl Jones, who famously voiced Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy. Emperor Palpatines voice joins that of Vader, as are the voices of Supreme Leader Snoke, taunting Kylo Ren. “I have been every voice you have ever heard inside your head, ” the Sith voices hiss at Kylo, implying that Palpatines powers may have conquered death long enough to pull the strings for the rise of the First Order. Of course, without additional context, its impossible to say definitively whats going on here and that, naturally, is the point of the teaser. At the very least, the clip shows that  The Rise of Skywalker makes a concerted effort to tie together all three trilogies to bring the Star Wars saga to a close. They can fly now Disney released a clip from T he Rise of Skywalker  on November 25 featuring Rey, Finn, Poe, and a few more familiar characters racing across a desert while being pursued by stormtroopers. They werent your usual First Order troops, however, as the stormtroopers took to the sky using jetpacks in the 30-second clip, prompting some surprise from the hero characters. Yes, they can fly now. Final trailer and ticket sales The final trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (see above) premiered — much like past trailers for the episodic installments of the franchise — during a broadcast of the NFLs Monday Night Football on October 21. Tickets for The Rise of Skywalker  officially went on sale just before the trailers debut. Hello, Babu As part of Lucasfilms annual “Force Friday” campaign, the studio revealed a new character who debuted in The Rise of Skywalker: Babu Frik. The characters official description (via) reads as follows: “The tiny Anzellan droidsmith … works among the Spice Runners of Kijimi and can reprogram or modify virtually any droid — regardless of the security measures protecting its systems. ” Welcome to the Star Wars universe, Babu. D23 preview: The last Jedi goes dark? Disney gave Star Wars fans an early look at some new footage from  The Rise of Skywalker  during the companys D23 Expo in August, and the preview generated quite a bit of discussion due to its closing scene: A shot of Rey (Daisy Ridley) in a dark cloak, wielding a double-bladed, red lightsaber similar to the one Darth Maul used in  The Phantom Menace. Along with that cryptic tease, the video also featured one of the repurposed scenes from the prior films that feature the late Carrie Fisher as Leia, as well as a few other notable moments. A foreboding poster Revealed at Disneys surprisingly packed D23 Expo event in Anaheim, California, the poster for the film is a daringly imaginative battle scene between our hero Rey (Daisy Ridley) and a fully masked Kylo Ren (Adam Driver. The previously rumored return of Emperor Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid) is front and center as he looks on at the fight from the skies above with demonic eyes. A tight schedule The films late change in directors (by Star Wars standards, at least) was keenly felt by the production team, and prompted some creative maintenance of the filming schedule, according to  Rise of Skywalker editor Maryann Brandon. In an interview with Express U. K., the longtime collaborator with Abrams revealed that the tight production schedule for the film had her take the unusual step of cutting footage on set, while they were still filming. “When we did The Force Awakens, we started in May and we finished shooting in October, and we were out [the following] Christmas, ” she explained. “For this film, we didnt start until August, so we werent done until February shooting — so we have four months less time, and its a very big film. ” “So I convinced JJ to let me cut on the set, ” she said. “He was like, ‘No, we never do that. I [said] ‘Just try it, so I can start turning over shots. '” The result was a situation in which Brandon was rarely more than 10 feet from Abrams at any given point during the filming of Rise of Skywalker, editing the movie as it was being filmed. “So if the camera would move 10 feet, I would move 10 feet, ” she recalled. “I was everywhere. ” More details (and photos) emerge In May, Vanity Fair published an in-depth preview of Rise of Skywalker featuring some of the first looks at the characters — both new and returning — that appear in the trilogy-ending chapter of the saga. Among the biggest revelations from the preview include the return of the Knights of Ren, and the confirmation of Keri Russells character in the film, a “masked scoundrel” known as Zorri Bliss. V. F. can exclusively confirm that the mysterious Knights of Ren—first seen in #StarWars: The Force Awakens—are back in #TheRiseofSkywalker — VANITY FAIR ( VanityFair) May 22, 2019 A photo also revealed the first look at Naomi Ackie as Jannah, who joins Finn (John Boyega) in one of the photos, riding into battle on creatures known Orbaks. Heres what we can tell you about #TheRiseofSkywalker: when the film picks up—about a year after the end of The Last Jedi—Rey, Finn, and Poe are all finally in the same place for the first time since The Force Awakens Franchise newcomer Richard E. Grant is also seen in the photos as the First Orders Allegiant General Pryde. New villain alert! Richard E. Grant joins #StarWars as Allegiant General Pryde The full gallery of photos is available at Vanity Fairs website. The first look The first trailer for The Rise of Skywalker dropped in front of a packed crowd at Star Wars Celebration in Chicago, and it revealed much more than just the films title. The trailer would be viewed more than 111 million times within the first 24 hours it was available, according to Deadline, receiving 20 million more views than the trailer for Episode VIII — The Last Jedi  did during the same period of time. As far as what the trailer revealed, Mark Hamill provided the previews evocative voice-over, while footage of Carrie Fisher as General Leia Organa — which was originally filmed for The Force Awakens  — tugged at fans heartstrings. Billy Dee Williams as the elder Lando Calrissian looked as dapper as ever sitting in the Millennium Falcons cockpit. More Star Wars News The future of Star Wars: All the known movies and TV series coming your way Comic-Con 2018 highlights: From Star Trek spinoffs to a Star Wars revival Heres how to watch all of the Star Wars films and series online The trailers biggest surprise came at the very end, however, when a maniacal laugh took over the soundtrack. That cackle belongs to none other than former Emperor Palpatine, who (supposedly) died at the end of Star Wars: Episode VI — Return of the Jedi. Just in case there was any confusion, Palpatine actor Ian McDiarmid took the Star Wars Celebration stage after the trailer finished playing and, in character, growled, “Roll it again. ” Otherwise, the Star Wars Celebration Episode IX panel was light on details, although Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy let the assembled cast members share a few small tidbits. Naomi Ackies new character is named Jannah. The Rise of Skywalker brings the sequel trilogy characters together for a single adventure, and BB-8 has a new droid pal named DIO, who is just as cute as you would imagine. A leaked peek? Just a couple of weeks before Star Wars Celebration Chicago alleged promotional materials for the film leaked on Making Star Wars. The images, which include a collage and character sheets, confirm a number of long-standing rumors and offer fans a glimpse of some of Star Wars: Episode IX ‘s new characters. Rey takes center stage on the “leaked” image, dressed in an outfit that recalls both Luke Skywalkers all-white get-up in Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope and Padmes costume during Attack of the Clones final battle scene. Poe Dameron is wearing full-on Resistance fighter garb, Finn holds a blaster, and C-3PO wields a Wookiee bowcaster, just like previous reports said he would. Kelly Marie Trans Rose Tico, who first appeared in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, is conspicuously absent. On the villains side, Kylo Ren seems to have reforged his mask and is flanked by a group of similarly clad soldiers who are most likely the mysterious Knights of Ren. Kylos long-rumored legion of red Stormtroopers also appears as does a masked woman who the character sheets call “Zorri, ” and who matches previous descriptions of the new character played by The Americans Keri Russell. The character sheets correctly identify Naomi Ackies bow-wielding character as Jannah and offer a very blurry glimpse at Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian, whose fashion sense doesnt seem to have changed much over the past 40 years. The end of an era On January 15, 2019, Abrams shared some momentous news on Twitter: Principal photography on Star Wars: Episode IX has wrapped after a six-month shoot, marking the end of filming on both Disneys sequel trilogy and the Skywalker family saga as a whole. “It feels impossible, but today wrapped photography on Episode IX, ” Abrams wrote alongside a photo of stars Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and Oscar Issac embracing on set. “There is no adequate way to thank this truly magical crew and cast. Im forever indebted to you all. ” It feels impossible, but today wrapped photography on Episode IX. There is no adequate way to thank this truly magical crew and cast. Im forever indebted to you all. — JJ Abrams ( jjabrams) February 15, 2019 Abrams wasnt the only one who felt that way. Boyega posted the same photo on his social media feed, along with a heartfelt message. “Thats a wrap on Star Wars episode 9 and the end to a chapter of my life that I couldnt be more thankful for, ” Boyega said. “It really has been a joy to be in these movies surrounded by amazing people. JJ thank you for making my dreams come true. ” Cosmic cameos The Star  Wars saga has a long history of bringing in famous actors, musicians, and other familiar faces for small parts — often under heavy makeup or costumes — as a nod to some of the franchises most high-profile fans. Star Wars: Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver Lands Episode IX Cameo — Comic Book Resources ( CBR) December 26, 2018 According to The Sun, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver suited up as a First Order stormtrooper for Episode IX. Oliver, who hosted the popular BBC series  The Naked Chef for its three-season run, was offered the part after gaining attention for his Star Wars fandom over the years. Oliver joins award-winning musician Ed Sheeran, who will also have a cameo in Episode IX, with both men playing First Order stormtroopers in the film. One year later Given how little time elapsed between the events of  Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens and  Episode VIII — The Last Jedi, it comes as a bit of a surprise that  Episode IX jumps ahead in the timeline a bit for its story. Speaking to Empire Magazine about the film, actor John Boyega — who portrayed former First Order stormtrooper Finn in  The Force Awakens and  The Last Jedi — indicated that  Episode IX will pick up “roughly one year” after the events of its 2017 predecessor. At Star Wars Celebration 2019, panelists confirmed that there would be a sizable time jump between  The Last Jedi  and  The Rise of Skywalker. John Boyega has confirmed that Star Wars: Episode #IX takes place ONE YEAR after the events of & 39;The Last Jedi& 39. Empire Issue] mdash; Star Wars Stuff ( starwarstuff) December 22, 2018 Rumor patrol: Knights of Ren As with any Star Wars movie, theres no shortage of rumors circling  Episode IX, and a few have sparked quite a bit of discussion in mainstream circles. The mysterious Knights of Ren were also the subject of a popular rumor making the rounds, with reporting that a person present at a Disney marketing event confirmed that the shadowy group seen in Episode VII — The Force Awakens and led by Kylo Ren will indeed be in  Episode IX. “They will definitely be in the next movie, ” writes the unidentified source. “They did show numerous pictures/artwork of them. ” The Doctor is in One of cinemas most popular sci-fi franchises will draw from the ranks of one of televisions longest-running sci-fi sagas. In late August 2018, former Doctor Who  star Matt Smith (pictured above) was reported to be the latest casting addition to  Episode IX. Smith, who played the 11th Doctor in the wildly popular British sci-fi series and recently earned a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for his performance in the Netflix series  The Crown, will play an unidentified “key role” in the Star Wars sequel, according to Variety. A bittersweet beginning Abrams commemorated the August 1 start of production on  Episode IX with his first post on Twitter, which acknowledged the absence of franchise veteran Carrie Fisher on the set and thanked  Episode VIII director Rian Johnson and Star Wars creator George Lucas for getting the saga to this point. Bittersweet starting this next chapter without Carrie, but thanks to an extraordinary cast and crew, we are ready to go. Grateful for @rianjohnson and special thanks to George Lucas for creating this incredible world and beginning a story of which we are lucky to be a part. #IX — JJ Abrams ( jjabrams) August 1, 2018 Official cast On July 27, Lucasfilms official Star Wars page listed the major cast list, including the big names returning and those joining anew the latest film in the franchise. And yes, that means Billy Dee Williams officially returns as the iconic Lando Calrissian, as does Mark Hamill which, for reasons we wont specify here, may come as a surprise to some. Follow below for the official cast list: Officially returning for Episode IX are Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Lupita Nyongo, Domhnall Gleeson, Kelly Marie Tran, Joonas Suotamo, and Billie Lourd. Joining the cast for their first Star Wars experience are Naomi Ackie (Dr. Who) Richard E. Grant, and Keri Russell. In addition, veteran Star Wars actors returning include Williams (as promised) Hamill (Luke Skywalker) and Anthony Daniels (C-3PO. Mark Hamill at San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Gage Skidmore/Flickr But those arent the only familiar faces coming back. The announcement states that the late Carrie Fishers character, Leia Organa, also returns for the film “using previously unreleased footage shot for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. ” This may come as a surprise to some following news that no CG version of Fishers character would be used for Episode IX (seemingly implying Leia would not return. However, Episode IX director J. Abrams made a statement to alleviate concerns. “We desperately loved Carrie Fisher, ” Abrams said. “Finding a truly satisfying conclusion to the Skywalker saga without her eluded us. We were never going to recast, or use a CG character. With the support and blessing from her daughter, Billie, we have found a way to honor Carries legacy and role as Leia in Episode IX by using unseen footage we shot together in Episode VII. ” A tricky new title Star Wars films are notorious for using working titles to throw off the public and keep production costs low in terms of locations and services.  Episode VI — Return of the Jedi  was shot under the guise of a horror movie called  Blue Harvest.  Meanwhile, Episode II — Attack of the Clones  poked fun at the negative response to prequel trilogys Gungan leader with the title  Jar-Jars Big Adventure. Sometimes the production title can offer clues, though they may not make sense until after the film is released. Fantha Tracks has reported that the working title for  Episode IX  was trIXie.   The site claimed that “the same research methods and public sources were used by the same team to uncover the production names of every Disney-era Star Wars film to date. ” The Force Awakens  was shot under the title  AVCO, which Bleeding Cool reported was the name of the theater in Los Alamos where a young J. Abrams saw the first Star Wars film. So what does  trIXie  refer to, if anything? It appears to simply be a way to get the roman numeral for the number 9 in the title. Reunion time Following in the footsteps of the Star Wars trilogies that came before it, the current three-part story arc had its main characters separating in  Episode VIII — The Last Jedi, the middle chapter of the saga (much like the characters did in  Episode II — Attack of the Clones and  Episode V — The Empire Strikes Back. As with those previous trilogies, though, the cast reunited for one big team-up for the concluding installment. Disney Asked about  Episode IX during a convention in Washington, D. C. in 2018, Boyega said he expects the film to bring together his character, Finn, with Daisy Ridleys character, Rey. The pair have been separated since the events of Episode VII — The Force Awakens, but that period apart is nearing its end. “I havent read the script for Episode IX, ” he said (via SlashFilm. “But Daisy did shoot me a text saying, ‘Oh my gosh, I just heard from J. [Abrams] and were back together. Thats what Im really excited about, is Finn and Rey back together again. ” Different endings, same result? While discussing the differences in working with Star Wars directors J. Abrams and Rian Johnson, Hamill revealed how the creator of the sci-fi saga, Lucas, planned to handle the later years of his iconic character, Luke Skywalker. “I happen to know that George didnt kill Luke until the end of [ Episode] IX, after he trained Leia, ” Hamill told IGN. “Which is another thread that was never played upon [in The Last Jedi. ” Although most of Lucas plans for a sequel trilogy were reportedly scrapped when Disney took over the franchise,  The Last Jedi  did get to a point with some of its main characters that has a lot in common with those early outlines. Lukes death occurred one episode earlier, and Leia (Carrie Fisher) did show some aptitude with The Force in Johnsons 2017 film. “George had an overall arc — if he didnt have all the details, he had sort of an overall feel for where the [sequel trilogy was] going — but this [sequel trilogy] is more like a relay race, ” Hamill said of the current saga, which appears to be letting its creative teams take the over-arching events in some unexpected directions, too. “You run and hand the torch off to the next guy, he picks it up and goes. ” The rich get richer Whatever your thoughts about  Episode VIII, most can agree that it was a visually spectacular film. Scenes like the throne room saber battle and Vice Admiral Holdos lightspeed strike were breathtaking, thanks to some excellent art direction and production design. Now, the team for  Episode IX has a new, distinguished member: Paul Inglis, who served as art director for the excellent (and gorgeous) Blade Runner 2049. Thanks to a report  from Omega Underground, we know Inglis was tapped as the supervising art director for Episode IX, to work alongside Abrams and the production team to define the films aesthetic. Inglis previous credits also include Skyfall,  Game of Thrones,  Prometheus, and  Children of Men. A different kind of ship Some Star Wars fans saw Rey (Ridley) and Poe (Isaac) meet in  The Last Jedi and started hoping it was their meet-cute. The single scene was enough to fuel shipping rumors — so much so that Ridley had to answer a question about it during a promotional event in China. Redditor Niamor89 posted a video  ( via Sleemo) showing the actress discussing the two Resistance fighters possible romantic future. Put simply, she doesnt really want them to have one. “Its wonderful to have relationships that are not romantic, ” Ridley said. “I dont think in films you always need a romantic relationship. I think friend relationships can be romantic in their gestures and their intimacy and all of that. So I think, hopefully — you know, if Rey and Poe get to have some scenes together and stuff — that there will be intimacy, but I think, for me, it doesnt have to be romantic love. ” Location on loch The next installment of the Star Wars franchise headed to the highlands — the county of Argyll in the Scottish Highlands, to be precise. A report in Scotlands Daily Record indicated that a new Star Wars movie began filming in the western Scottish county of Argyll in June, with shooting taking place in the historic mountain pass known as the Rest and Be Thankful. Although the initial report suggested that it was Johnsons spinoff trilogy that filmed in Argyll, that series hasnt entered production — so if a Star Wars movie did indeed shoot in Argyll, its most likely Abrams Episode IX. Parent problems, redux Although  The Last Jedi seemed to offer some resolution regarding the mystery of Reys lineage, Johnson indicated in an interview with Huffington Post that fans might not have heard the end of that particular identity crisis. “Anythings still open, and Im not writing the next film. [Abrams and co-writer Chris Terrio] are doing it, ” said Johnson while discussing the revelation about Reys parents that has become one of the most polarizing aspects of the film. Their story will go on Dont let the description of  Episode IX as a “concluding chapter” mislead you: The stars of the sequel trilogy arent going away. In a November 2017 interview featured on The Star Wars Show, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy indicated that many of the main characters introduced in  Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens will continue their stories in  Episode IX and beyond the sequel trilogy. “Were sitting down now, were talking about the next 10 years of Star Wars stories, and were looking at, narratively, where that might go, ” Kennedy said. “Future stories beyond Episode IX with these new characters — Rey, Poe, Finn, BB-8 — but were also looking at working with people who are interested in coming into the Star Wars world and taking us places we havent been yet. Thats exciting too because its a vast galaxy far, far away. ” Going back to the beginning After original  Episode IX director Colin Trevorrow  exited the project  in September 2017 due to creative differences with the studio, it didnt take long for Disney and Lucasfilm to find a new filmmaker to helm the movie — and he was a familiar face to fans of the franchise. Abrams was named the new director of the film just a week after the post was vacated, with the films co-writer, Academy Award winner Chris Terrio ( Argo, Justice League) also announced at that time. “With The Force Awakens, J. delivered everything we could have possibly hoped for, and I am so excited that he is coming back to close out this trilogy, ” Kennedy said in a statement on. Given the success of Abrams franchise-relaunching sequel  The Force Awakens, the decision to bring him back for  Episode IX seems like a safe bet for the studio. Release date, updated Not too long after Abrams was announced as the director of  Episode IX, the film also received a new release date. Star Wars: Episode IX officially hit theaters on December 20, 2019, several months later than its original release date of May 24, 2019. The new release date has the film arriving in theaters on the same weekend as a live-action feature based on the popular Broadway musical  Cats. It also allows the film to carry on the tradition set by the two serialized installments of the Star Wars franchise that immediately precede it,  Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens and Star Wars: Episode VIII — The Last Jedi, which were both assigned December premieres. Editors' Recommendations The future of Star Wars: All the known movies and TV series coming your way All the Star Wars movies ever made, ranked from worst to best Youre doing it wrong! Heres the perfect way to watch the Star Wars films Final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars gets epic trailer for Disney+ premiere Whats new on Disney+ in January and February 2020.

"Episode IX" redirects here. For other uses, see Episode 9. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Theatrical release poster Directed by J. J. Abrams Produced by Kathleen Kennedy J. Abrams Michelle Rejwan Screenplay by Chris Terrio Story by Derek Connolly Colin Trevorrow Based on Characters by George Lucas Starring Carrie Fisher Mark Hamill Adam Driver Daisy Ridley John Boyega Oscar Isaac Anthony Daniels Naomi Ackie Domhnall Gleeson Richard E. Grant Lupita Nyong'o Keri Russell Joonas Suotamo Kelly Marie Tran Ian McDiarmid Billy Dee Williams Music by John Williams Cinematography Dan Mindel [1] Edited by Maryann Brandon [1] Stefan Grube [1] Production company Lucasfilm Ltd. Bad Robot Productions Distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Release date December 16, 2019 ( Hollywood) December 20, 2019 (United States) Running time 143 minutes [2] Country United States Language English Budget 275 million [3] Box office 1. 058 billion [4] 5] Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (also known as Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker) is a 2019 American epic space opera film produced, co-written, and directed by J. J. Abrams. It is the third installment of the Star Wars sequel trilogy, following The Force Awakens (2015) and The Last Jedi (2017) and the final episode of the nine-part " Skywalker saga. a] It was produced by Lucasfilm and Abrams's production company Bad Robot Productions and was distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. The film's ensemble cast includes Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Anthony Daniels, Kelly Marie Tran, Naomi Ackie, Domhnall Gleeson, Richard E. Grant, Lupita Nyong'o, Keri Russell, Joonas Suotamo, Ian McDiarmid, and Billy Dee Williams. It features the second posthumous film performance by Fisher, who died in 2016 and appears through the use of unused footage from The Force Awakens. [1] The Rise of Skywalker follows Rey, Finn, and Poe Dameron as they lead the Resistance 's final stand against Kylo Ren and the First Order, who are now aided by the return of the deceased galactic emperor, Palpatine. After the new trilogy was announced following Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm in 2012, it was originally reported that The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson would write the script for Episode IX. In August 2015, Colin Trevorrow was hired to direct and to write a script with his collaborator Derek Connolly; both ultimately retained story credit with Abrams and Chris Terrio. In September 2017, Trevorrow left the project following creative differences with producer Kathleen Kennedy, and Abrams returned as director. Principal photography began in August 2018 at Pinewood Studios in England and wrapped in February 2019. Post-production was completed on November 24, 2019. With an estimated budget of 275 million, it is one of the most expensive films ever made. The Rise of Skywalker had its world premiere in Los Angeles on December 16, 2019, and was theatrically released in the United States on December 20, 2019. It received mixed reviews from critics, who praised the acting (particularly Ridley and Driver) action sequences, and visual effects, but criticized the plot, pacing, and perceived departures from the themes and plot of The Last Jedi. It has grossed over 1 billion worldwide, making it the eighth-highest-grossing film of 2019, and the 35th highest-grossing film of all time. The film received three nominations at the 92nd Academy Awards ( Best Original Score, Best Visual Effects, and Best Sound Editing) 7] as well as three at the 73rd British Academy Film Awards (also Best Special Visual Effects, Best Original Music, and Best Sound. 8] Plot [ edit] Following a threat of revenge by the revived Emperor Palpatine, Kylo Ren obtains a Sith wayfinder, leading him to the uncharted planet Exegol. There, he finds Palpatine, who reveals that he created Snoke as a puppet to control the First Order and lure Kylo to the dark side. Palpatine unveils the Final Order — a secret armada of Star Destroyers — and tells Kylo to find and kill Rey, who is continuing her Jedi training under Resistance leader Leia Organa. Finn and Poe Dameron deliver intel from a spy that Palpatine is on Exegol; Rey has learned from Luke Skywalker 's notes that a Sith wayfinder can lead them there. Rey, Finn, Poe, Chewbacca, BB-8, and C-3PO depart in the Millennium Falcon to Pasaana, where Luke's search for Exegol ended. On Pasaana, the group encounters Lando Calrissian, who points them to the wayfinder's last suspected location. Kylo learns where Rey is through their Force bond and travels there with his warrior subordinates, the Knights of Ren. Rey and the others discover the remains of a Jedi hunter named Ochi, his ship, and a dagger inscribed with Sith text, which C-3PO's programming forbids him from interpreting. Sensing that Kylo is nearby, Rey goes to confront him. The First Order captures the Falcon, Chewbacca, and the dagger; attempting to save Chewbacca, Rey accidentally destroys a First Order transport with Force lightning. Presuming that Chewbacca has been killed, the group escapes on Ochi's ship. Poe suggests traveling to Kijimi to have the Sith text extracted from C-3PO's memory; the process reveals coordinates to a wayfinder. Rey senses that Chewbacca is alive, and the group mounts a rescue mission. While Kylo searches for Rey, the group infiltrates his Star Destroyer with the help of Zorii Bliss, an old acquaintance of Poe's. Rey recovers the dagger and has visions of her parents being killed with it. Kylo informs her that she is Palpatine's granddaughter; the Sith Lord had ordered Ochi to recover Rey as a child, but her parents hid her on Jakku to protect her. General Hux saves Poe, Finn, and Chewbacca from execution, revealing himself as the spy. He permits the group to escape on the Falcon, but is discovered and executed. The group arrives on Kef Bir, where Rey locates the wayfinder on the remains of the second Death Star; upon touching the artifact, she has a vision of herself as a Sith. Having tracked them, Kylo destroys Rey's wayfinder and duels her. Dying, Leia calls to Kylo through the Force, distracting him as Rey impales him. Sensing Leia's death, Rey heals Kylo and takes his ship to exile herself on Ahch-To. There, Luke's Force spirit encourages Rey to face Palpatine and gives her Leia's lightsaber. Rey leaves for Exegol in Luke's X-wing fighter, using the wayfinder from Kylo's ship. Meanwhile, Kylo converses with a memory of his father, Han Solo; he throws away his lightsaber and reclaims his identity as Ben Solo. Palpatine has one of his superlaser-equipped Star Destroyers obliterate Kijimi. Upon the group's return to the Resistance base, R2-D2 receives a signal from Rey. The Resistance follows Rey's coordinates to Exegol, where she confronts Palpatine; he demands she kill him to transfer his spirit into her. Lando brings reinforcements from across the galaxy to join the battle. Ben overpowers the Knights of Ren and joins Rey, but Palpatine drains the pair's power to rejuvenate himself. He attacks the Resistance fleet with Force lightning and incapacitates Ben. Weakened, Rey hears the voices of past Jedi, who lend her their strength. Palpatine attacks her with his lightning, but Rey deflects it using the Skywalker lightsabers, killing him and herself. Ben uses the Force to revive her at the cost of his own life; Rey kisses Ben before he dies. The Resistance destroys Palpatine's command ship, leaving the armada trapped over Exegol. As people across the galaxy rise up against the First Order, the Resistance returns to their base to celebrate. After the celebration, Rey visits Luke's abandoned childhood home on Tatooine and buries the Skywalker lightsabers, having built her own. A passerby asks her name; as the spirits of Luke and Leia watch, she replies, Rey Skywalker. " Cast [ edit] Carrie Fisher [1] as Leia Organa, the Force-sensitive leading general of the Resistance, widow of Han Solo, mother to Ben Solo, Luke Skywalker's twin sister and Darth Vader / Anakin Skywalker 's daughter. Fisher, who died in late 2016, appears through the use of repurposed unreleased footage from The Force Awakens. [9] 10] b] c] Mark Hamill [1] as Luke Skywalker, the last Jedi Master, Leia Organa's twin brother, Darth Vader / Anakin Skywalker's son and maternal uncle of Kylo Ren who became one with the Force in The Last Jedi. [15] Adam Driver as Ben Solo / Kylo Ren, 16] the Supreme Leader of the First Order. Born as Ben Solo, he is the son of Leia Organa and Han Solo, the nephew of Luke Skywalker and grandson of Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader. Daisy Ridley as Rey [16] a former scavenger from Jakku, a member of the Resistance, the last Jedi, apprentice of Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa, and Palpatine 's granddaughter. She adopts the surname Skywalker at the end of the film to honor her mentors. [17] 18] 19] Cailey Fleming and Josefine Irrera Jackson as Young Rey. John Boyega as Finn, 16] a member of the Resistance and a former stormtrooper (FN-2187) who defected from the First Order. Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron, 16] a high-ranking X-wing fighter pilot and commander of the Resistance who later inherits the rank of General from Leia. Anthony Daniels [1] as C-3PO, a humanoid protocol droid in the service of General Leia Organa. Daniels is the only actor to have appeared in all of the episodic films in the series. [20] Naomi Ackie as Jannah, 21] a former Stormtrooper of the First Order living on the planet Kef Bir, who aids the Resistance. Domhnall Gleeson [1] as General Armitage Hux, the First Order's second-in-command, who nonetheless gives information to the Resistance because of his dislike for Kylo Ren. Richard E. Grant [1] as Allegiant General Enric Pryde, a high-ranking general in the First Order, who also previously served in the Galactic Empire. [22] Lupita Nyong'o [1] as Maz Kanata, a former space pirate and ally of the Resistance. Keri Russell as Zorii Bliss, 23] 24] an old acquaintance of Poe's from Kijimi. [25] Joonas Suotamo [1] as Chewbacca, a Wookiee and first mate of the Millennium Falcon and longtime friend of Han Solo. Kelly Marie Tran [1] as Rose Tico, a mechanic in the Resistance who befriended Finn and joined him and his allies in The Last Jedi. Ian McDiarmid [26] 27] as Sheev Palpatine / Darth Sidious, the dark lord of the Sith and former emperor of the galaxy who was killed by the redeemed Anakin Skywalker in Return of the Jedi. [28] Having returned via "unnatural" Force abilities, 29] he is revealed to be Rey's paternal grandfather. [30] Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian, 1] a veteran of the Rebel Alliance, the original owner of the Millennium Falcon and an old friend of Chewbacca, Leia, Luke and Han. Williams returns to the Star Wars franchise onscreen for the first time since Return of the Jedi. [31] Billie Lourd, Greg Grunberg, and Harrison Ford reprise their roles as Lieutenant Kaydel Ko Connix, 32] b] Temmin "Snap" Wexley, 33] and Han Solo, 34] respectively; Ford was uncredited for his role. Additionally, Dominic Monaghan portrays Resistance trooper Beaumont Kin, and Shirley Henderson voices Babu Frik in multiple languages. [35] 36] Hassan Taj and Lee Towersey perform the role of R2-D2, replacing Jimmy Vee, who had played the role in the previous two films, 37] whilst Ben Burtt returns as the vocals of R2-D2, Chewbacca, Lightsabers, and the breaths of Darth Vader. Dave Chapman and Brian Herring return as the puppeteers of BB-8. [38] Director J. Abrams also provides the voice for D-O. [39] Nick Kellington returns as the creature performance of Klaud. Martin Wilde, Anton Simpson-Tidy, Lukaz Leong, Tom Rodgers, Joe Kennard, and Ashley Beck appear as the Knights of Ren. Amanda Lawrence reprises her role as Commander Larma DAcy, while Vinette Robinson plays her wife, Pilot Wrobie Tyce. Amir El-Masry appears as Commander Trach. Jodie Comer and Billy Howle briefly appear as Rey's mother and father, respectively. [39] Mike Quinn and Kipsang Rotich return as the performer and voice of Nien Nunb, respectively. Denis Lawson and Warwick Davis briefly reprise their roles as Wedge Antilles, a veteran of the Rebel Alliance; and Wicket W. Warrick, the leader of the Ewoks, respectively. [36] 39] Tom Wilton and screenwriter Chris Terrio briefly appear as the performer and voice for Aftab Ackbar, the son of Admiral Ackbar, respectively. [36] Composer John Williams cameos as Oma Tres, a Kijimi bartender, and Lin-Manuel Miranda cameos as a Resistance trooper. [39] Kevin Smith and Jeff Garlin both have cameos. [40] 41] Actors making reprisal vocal cameos include James Earl Jones as Darth Vader, Andy Serkis as Snoke, and the voices of Jedi Past with Ewan McGregor and Alec Guinness as Obi-Wan Kenobi (the latter via digitally altered archive audio) Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker, Ashley Eckstein as Ahsoka Tano, Freddie Prinze Jr. as Kanan Jarrus, Olivia d'Abo as Luminara Unduli, Frank Oz as Yoda, Liam Neeson as Qui-Gon Jinn, Jennifer Hale as Aayla Secura, Samuel L. Jackson as Mace Windu, and Angelique Perrin as Adi Gallia. [36] Ed Sheeran, 36] Dhani Harrison, Nigel Godrich, J. D Dillard, and Dave Hearn cameo as stormtroopers. Production [ edit] Development [ edit] In October 2012, Star Wars creator George Lucas sold his production company Lucasfilm, and with it the Star Wars franchise, to The Walt Disney Company. [42] Disney subsequently announced the Star Wars sequel trilogy. [43] In June 2014, it was announced that Rian Johnson, writer and director of The Last Jedi, would write a story treatment for Episode IX. [44] In August 2015, Colin Trevorrow was announced as the director of the film; 45] he was to write the script with frequent collaborator Derek Connolly. [45] 46] In April 2017, Johnson stated that he was not involved in writing the film. [47] In February 2016, Disney chief executive officer Bob Iger confirmed that pre-production on Episode IX had begun. [48] Carrie Fisher died in December 2016. Her brother Todd later said, She was going to be the big payoff in the final film. She was going to be the last Jedi, so to speak. 49] In late April 2017, Disney announced that the film would be released on May 24, 2019. [50] A month later, filming was expected to begin in January 2018, 51] but this was later pushed back to August. In August 2017, it was announced that Jack Thorne would rewrite the script. [52] On September 5, 2017, Lucasfilm stated that Trevorrow had left the production following creative differences. [53] The Hollywood Reporter reported that his working relationship with Kathleen Kennedy had become unmanageable after failing to deliver a satisfactory script, despite writing several drafts. [54] Johnson was rumored as the top choice to replace Trevorrow as director, 55] but stated "it was never in the plan for me to direct Episode IX. 56] The next day, it was announced that J. J. Abrams, the director of The Force Awakens, would return to direct the film, 57] and that the film's release date would be moved to December 20, 2019. [58] The story team met with George Lucas before writing the new script, 59] which Abrams co-wrote with Chris Terrio; 60] Trevorrow and Connolly retain story credits. [61] 62] d] The story was rewritten to some extent before filming was completed. [65] The film was produced by Abrams's company Bad Robot Productions, Kathleen Kennedy, and Michelle Rejwan. [60] Before filming, Episode IX was initially given the working title Black Diamond, which was then changed to TrIXie, 66] most likely to insert the roman numeral "IX" within the working title. [67] The title, The Rise of Skywalker, was announced at April 2019's Star Wars Celebration in Chicago. [68] Casting [ edit] Carrie Fisher, who played Leia Organa, died on December 27, 2016. Variety and Reuters reported that she had been planned for a key role in Episode IX. [69] In January 2017, Lucasfilm stated that there were no plans to digitally generate Fisher's performance as they had for Rogue One. [70] The following April, Fisher's brother Todd revealed that Fisher's daughter, Billie Lourd, had granted Disney the rights to use recent footage of Fisher. [71] However, a week later, Kathleen Kennedy stated that Fisher would not appear in the film. [72] 73] In July 2018, J. J. Abrams announced that unused footage of Fisher from The Force Awakens would be used to help complete the story. [9] 10] 74] e] In flashback scenes, digital de-aging was used for the appearance of Luke but not Leia. [75] In July 2018, Keri Russell was in talks to play a part with some "action-heavy fight scenes. 76] and it was confirmed that Billy Dee Williams would return as Lando Calrissian, 77] onscreen for the first time since 1983's Return of the Jedi —marking one of the longest intervals between portrayals of a character by the same actor in American film history. [31] f] At the end of July, Russell was confirmed to have been cast, 78] and there was an announcement of returning and additional new cast members. [1] In late August, Deadline Hollywood announced that Dominic Monaghan and Matt Smith had been cast in unspecified roles, 79] 80] but Smith later denied his involvement. [81] g] Greg Grunberg reprises his role as Temmin "Snap" Wexley. [33] Jimmy Vee stated on Twitter that he would be reprising the role of R2-D2, but in the final film the droid was credited to Hassan Taj and Lee Towersey. [84] 37] Brian Herring returns to puppeteer BB-8. [85] At Star Wars Celebration in April 2019, it was revealed via the film's teaser trailer that Ian McDiarmid would return to portray Palpatine. [26] Since the event was held after principal photography wrapped, Abrams was thrilled that news of McDiarmid on the set never leaked. [86] Kathleen Kennedy said they decided to reveal Palpatine's return ahead of the film's release because "many of the characters that are playing a significant role in the story, the fans know. They don't know how this story is going to unfold, but they know who they are. It's not like Baby Yoda. the surprise popular character from The Mandalorian. [87] Filming [ edit] Principal photography began on August 1, 2018, at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, England. [1] Filming also took place in Wadi Rum, Jordan. [88] Oscar Isaac stated that Abrams was allowing more improvised acting than in the previous two films. [89] Due to the tight schedule, some editing took place on set. [90] Principal photography wrapped on February 15, 2019. [91] Footage from the film was shown at The Walt Disney Company's annual shareholders meeting on March 7, 2019. [92] Reshoots took place at Bad Robot Productions between late September and mid-October. [93] Post-production [ edit] The visual effects were created by Industrial Light & Magic and supervised by Roger Guyett. [94] The film finished post-production on November 25, 2019. After Boyega accidentally left a copy of the script in his hotel room, it was listed on eBay for around 65. A Disney employee identified the script as authentic and purchased it from the seller for an undisclosed sum. [95] 96] 97] Lucasfilm honored Riley Howell, a student and Star Wars fan who heroically died at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte shooting in April 2019, by naming a Jedi after him in its book Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - The Visual Dictionary. The book credits "Ri-Lee Howell" with collecting "many of the earliest accounts of exploration and codifications of The Force. 98] Music [ edit] On January 10, 2018, it was confirmed that John Williams would return to compose and conduct The Rise of Skywalker. [99] 100] The next month, Williams announced that it would be the last Star Wars film for which he would compose the score. [101] In August 2019, it was revealed that Williams had written about 35 of an expected 135 minutes of music for the film, which according to Williams's brother Don, would incorporate all of the major themes of the Skywalker saga. [102] Scoring began in July 2019 with Williams and William Ross conducting and orchestrating the sessions over the course of six months. [103] Walt Disney Records released the soundtrack album digitally on December 18, 2019, with a physical release following on December 20. [104] Marketing [ edit] Though Abrams stayed silent about many details of the film, he expressed his hopes that audiences would be "satisfied. 105] He headed a panel dedicated to the film on April 12, 2019, during Star Wars Celebration in Chicago, Illinois, 106] where the film's title was revealed via the first trailer, and new images were shown. [68] The trailer was viewed 111 million times in the first 24 hours of its release, which was 20 million more views than the teaser for The Last Jedi and more than double that of The Force Awakens. [107] A publishing campaign titled " Journey to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker " was announced on May 4, 2019 ( Star Wars Day. It includes the novel Resistance Reborn, set between The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker, and various other titles. [108] Additionally, the story events of the Disneyland themed area Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge precede the film, including the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run motion simulator, which features Chewbacca. [109] On August 24, a new poster and "sizzle reel" was released at D23; 25] the latter was released to the public two days later. The footage includes a montage of the Skywalker saga so far, as well as several new shots from the film. [110] The final trailer was released on October 21, 2019 during Monday Night Football. [111] In December 2019, the video game Fortnite Battle Royale released several cosmetics featuring character skins for Rey, Finn, a Sith Trooper, Kylo Ren, and Zorii Bliss along with a TIE Fighter glider, a Millennium Falcon glider (which was given to players for free from the Winterfest Event) four emotes, and a two free banners. [112] On December 14, Fortnite 's publisher Epic Games released a preview of the film on an in-game theater screen as a live event. [113] At the end of the event, a message from Palpatine (like the one mentioned in the film's opening crawl) was heard. [114] To coincide with the release of the film, a trailer for the forthcoming video game, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga was released on the same day. [115] Release [ edit] The film was originally planned to be released on May 24, 2019, in the United States before being pushed back to December 20. [50] 58] It had its world premiere in Los Angeles on December 16. [116] Unlike most studio films, Disney reportedly did not hold test screenings for The Rise of Skywalker, instead only showing it to Abrams' friends and family, as well as a terminally ill fan. [117] 118] A shot near the end of the film, featuring two female Resistance members kissing, was cut in Dubai and Singapore. [119] 120] The film will be released on Disney+ in 2020. [121] Reception [ edit] Box office [ edit] As of February 2, 2020, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has grossed 507. 1 million in the United States and Canada, and 551 million in other territories, for a worldwide total of 1. 058 billion. [4] 5] Pre-sale tickets went on sale on October 21, 2019 and the film sold more tickets in their first hour of availability on Atom Tickets than the previous record-holder for ticket sales, Avengers: Endgame. It became Atom Tickets' second-best first-day seller of all-time behind Endgame, selling more than twice the number of tickets as The Last Jedi sold in that same timeframe, while Fandango reported it outsold all previous Star Wars films. [111] 122] Box office tracking had The Rise of Skywalker grossing around 205 million in its opening weekend, though some firms predicted a debut closer to 175 million. [123] The film made 89. 6 million on its first day, including 40 million from Thursday night previews, the sixth-highest opening day of all-time. [124] 125] It went on to debut to 177. 4 million, which was the third-highest opening ever for a December release and the 12th-best all-time, and it was also noted that Saturday (which saw a 47 percent drop from Friday's gross) was the busiest shopping day of the year, likely affecting ticket sales. [126] 127] 128] However, Deadline Hollywood did write that "we can't ignore" the less than stellar audience exit scores, which could affect the film's legs moving forward. [126] The film made 32 million on Christmas Day, the second-best total ever for the holiday after The Force Awakens ' 49. 3 million in 2015. [129] It went on to have a five-day total of 135. 2 million, including 72. 4 million for the weekend. [130] 131] 132] In its third weekend the film made 34. 5 million, remaining in first, 133] 134] before being dethroned in its fourth weekend by newcomer 1917. [135] Worldwide the film was projected to gross around 450 million in its opening weekend, including 250 million from 52 international territories. [136] It made 59. 1 million from its first day of international release in 46 countries. The biggest markets were the United Kingdom (8. 3 million) Germany (7. 2 million) France (5. 3 million) and Australia (4. 3 million. 137] In China, where Star Wars has never been a big draw and each Disney installment opened to diminishing amounts, the film made just 1. 6 million (RMB11. 6 million) through its first day. [138] It went on to open to 198 million from overseas countries and 373. 5 million worldwide, coming in below projections and 47 percent lower than The Last Jedi ' s total. Its biggest opening totals remained the UK (26. 8 million) Germany (21. 8 million) France (15. 2 million) Japan (14. 6 million) Australia (12. 6 million) and China (12. 1 million. 137] Critical response [ edit] Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reported an approval rating of 52% based on 472 reviews, with an average rating of 6. 17/10. The website's critics consensus reads. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker suffers from a frustrating lack of imagination, but concludes this beloved saga with fan-focused devotion. 139] It is the lowest rated live-action, theatrically released Star Wars film on the site. On Metacritic, the film has a weighted average score of 54 out of 100, based on 60 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews. 140] Todd McCarthy of The Hollywood Reporter praised the visual effects, but criticized the storytelling, writing, A plot like this, featuring so many characters, locations and story dynamics, can by nature be confusing; so relentless is the pileup of incident that, at a certain point, one can be excused for checking out on the particulars of what's going on at a given moment and why, in favor of just going along for the amusement park ride. 141] For The A. V. Club, A. A. Dowd gave the film a C+ writing that the film "is so freighted with obligation that it almost groans under the weight, flashing a weak smile as it vaguely approximates the appearance of a zippy good time. 142] The BBC 's Nicholas Barber wrote that "the film is well acted, it looks so good that there is bound to be a fabulous tie-in coffee-table book of concept art, and it has a positive message about never giving up hope. But the main feeling it instills in the viewer is a renewed respect for the imagination of Lucas. The Rise of Skywalker has been lovingly crafted by a host of talented people, and yet the best they can do is pay tribute to everything he did several decades ago. 143] Richard Roeper, reviewing for the Chicago Sun-Times, gave the film three stars out of four, stating. The Rise of Skywalker rarely comes close to touching greatness, but it's a solid, visually dazzling and warmhearted victory for the Force of quality filmmaking. 144] Owen Gleiberman of Variety praised the film as "the most elegant, emotionally rounded, and gratifying Star Wars adventure since the glory days of Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back. but added that "given the last eight films, the bar isn't that high. 145] Michael Phillips for Chicago Tribune wrote that " The Rise of Skywalker does the job. It wraps up the trio of trilogies begun in 1977 in a confident, soothingly predictable way, doing all that is cinematically possible to avoid poking the bear otherwise known as tradition-minded quadrants of the Star Wars fan base. 146] Scott Mendelson for Forbes described the film as "possibly worse than any prior Star Wars 'episode. It ends a legendary franchise with a thud while denying this new trilogy its artistic reason for existence. He said the main problem "isn't just that it absolutely walks back a number of potent reveals and plot threads from the last movie, but rather that the 142-minute movie spends almost its entire running time retconning its predecessor and adding painfully conventional 'plot twists' and patronizing reversals in the name of mollifying the fans who merely want to be reminded of the first three movies. 147] Similarly, Justin Chang of the Los Angeles Times felt the film "nakedly offers itself up in the spirit of a Last Jedi corrective, a return to storytelling basics, a nearly 2½-hour compendium of everything that made you fall in love with Star Wars in the first place. The more accurate way to describe it, I think, is as an epic failure of nerve. This Rise feels more like a retreat, a return to a zone of emotional and thematic safety from a filmmaker with a gift for packaging nostalgia as subversion. 148] Writing for The New Yorker, Richard Brody found the film to come short of others in the franchise, stating: The faults of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker are those of the franchise over all, distilled and magnified because the film's director, J. Abrams, is mainly a distiller and a magnifier, and brings virtually no originality to it. His earnest and righteously grandiose direction evokes, as few movies do, a craving for Michael Bay at the controls. 149] Mick LaSalle of the San Francisco Chronicle disliked the film, writing in his review: The audience is reacting, not with honest feeling, but more like one of Pavlov's dogs. Here's a truth that must be kept in mental balance with the warm rush of the movie's final minutes: For about 75 percent of its running time, The Rise Of Skywalker is a disappointment. Still, for all the movie's faults, it's likely that most people will consider The Rise of Skywalker and accept the trade: Sit through a so-so 110 minutes to get to a strong half hour. 150] Whereas Kelly Marie Tran had around 10 minutes of screentime in The Last Jedi, she appears for about a minute in The Rise of Skywalker. The reduced role was interpreted by some critics as a concession to fans who disliked her character; 151] Tran had been a target of online harassment following the release of The Last Jedi. In Vox, Alissa Wilkinson wrote that "its hard not to think that choice is designed to avoid further angering those fans who harbor a racist vendetta against a movie that dares to cast an Asian woman in a co-starring role. 152] Screenwriter Chris Terrio said Tran had reduced screentime because of the difficulty of including the late Carrie Fisher in scenes. [153] Audience response [ edit] According to CinemaScore, American audiences gave the film an average grade of "B+ on an A+ to F scale; by comparison, The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi each earned an "A" score and all three of the prequels an "A–. 154] On PostTrak, audiences gave the film an average 4 out of 5 stars, with 70 percent saying they would definitely recommend it; parents and children under 12 years old (who made up 16 percent of opening night attendance) gave it a full five out of five stars. Men (who made up 67 percent of the audience) gave the film an overall positive score of 80 percent while women (33 percent) gave it an 84 percent. [126] 155] RelishMix, which tracks social media posts and online presence, noticed a divided reaction to Skywalker online, though it leaned slightly positive. 126] Months prior to the film's trailer release, the film was review bombed on Rotten Tomatoes to the point where the "Want to See" percentage went down as far as 5 percent within a day, with many of them focusing on lingering negativity towards The Last Jedi. [156] Similar bombing with Captain Marvel caused Rotten Tomatoes to completely remove the Want to See feature after temporarily changing it to a number. [156] Despite the early review bombing and the lower scores with critics and audience polls, The Rise of Skywalker received a high Rotten Tomatoes audience score. This was opposite to the low audience and high critics score of The Last Jedi. Humza Hussain at Screen Rant suggested that the story decisions had generally appeased the detractors of The Last Jedi. [157] Abrams was aware that any decision would please some and not others, saying "They're all right. 158] Accolades [ edit] Notes [ edit] The "Skywalker saga" refers to the main Star Wars film franchise, which is a trilogy of trilogies. [6] a b Billie Lourd portrays her mother's character in a short flashback, which also utilizes footage from Return of the Jedi. [11] 12] Unseen footage of Fisher from The Last Jedi was considered but not used. [13] 14] Trevorrow and Connolly's script, titled Duel of the Fates after the theme of the same name from The Phantom Menace, included elements which were utilized to some extent in the final film, such as Kylo finding a Sith holocron in Darth Vader's castle on Mustafar, and the transference of Force energy. [63] 64] According to Todd Fisher, There's a lot of minutes of footage. I don't mean just outtakes. This is unused, new content that could be woven into the storyline. It's going to look like it was meant to be. Like it was shot yesterday. 10] Also tying this record is Denis Lawson as Wedge Antilles, though he only makes a cameo appearance in The Rise of Skywalker. ^ In April 2019, Disney's British website also listed Smith as being in the film, 82] but removed his and Monaghan's name the following month. [83] References [ edit] a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o Hipes, Patrick (July 27, 2018. Star Wars: Episode IX Rounds Out Cast, Which Will Include Carrie Fisher In Unreleased Footage. Deadline Hollywood. Archived from the original on July 28, 2018. Retrieved July 27, 2018. ^ Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - BBFC. British Board of Film Classification. December 6, 2019. Archived from the original on December 22, 2019. Retrieved December 9, 2019... Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' Wins 175 Million Box Office, While the Farce Be With 'Cats. IndieWire. December 22, 2019. Retrieved December 24, 2019. ^ a b "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019. Box Office Mojo. IMDb. 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Ratovi zvijezda uspon skywalkera sa prevodom. Ratovi zvijezda 3a uspon skywalkera lyrics. Ratovi zvijezda uspon skywalkera imdb. More Star Wars: Episode IX — The Rise of Skywalker All Star Wars: Episode IX — The Rise of Skywalker Copyright. All rights reserved. Printed from. Star Wars: Episode IX - full movie vodlocker… Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker Download Full. It is clear from the first 5 minutes of this film that it is going to be a mess. There is basically no exposition in the film, and I think that is possibly its biggest failing creatively of all its many failings. What exposition there is is flat out told to you instead of revealed. That is a really bad way to start a movie, and it suffers for it. The exposition which is explained to you at the start throws in about ten major shifts in the plot within those first five minutes which would be more properly suited for a climax in and of themselves, changing all the stakes and almost completely disconnecting this film from the previous two entries in the trilogy right from the outset. This was not a good creative decision by JJ Abrams, and the film doesn't really recover from that unforced error until about halfway through. The pacing of the film was designed for a hummingbird, with no time to even emotionally respond or absorb what transpires on the screen before we are off to the next bit of convoluted madness. There should have been half as much plot but twice as much time spent with the remaining half and half as many characters but twice as much time spent with the remaining characters. Less is more and show don't tell these are fundamentals of movie-making J. J. Abrams should know at this point in his career. The film is technically sound in a lot of ways. The action is itself very pretty, but without character development there are no stakes. Why should you care what happens? Whether people almost get shot or do get shot or blown up, why should you care if you aren't invested in those people because you know them? The acting isn't that bad, but there was very little acting demanded given the lack of narrative and character development. This is the worst Star Wars movie that has ever been made, in my opinion. It is worse than Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. At least that movie had a cognizable narrative, even though it was a terrible and boring narrative. The acting is better in this movie than some of the characters in that movie, but that is the only thing that is better. This movie was bad in a way that makes the previous movies worse. I wish I had not seen it.

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Ratovi zvijezda 3a uspon skywalkera youtube. The surviving members of the resistance face the First Order once again, and the legendary conflict between the Jedi and the Sith reaches its peak bringing the Skywalker saga to its end. All Releases Domestic ( 48% 511, 102, 540 International ( 52% 553, 963, 044 Worldwide 1, 065, 065, 584 Summary Details Earliest Release Date December 18, 2019 (13 markets) MPAA PG-13 Running Time 2 hr 22 min Genres Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-Fi Domestic Area Release Date Opening Gross Domestic Dec 20, 2019 177, 383, 864 511, 102, 540 Europe, Middle East, and Africa Area Release Date Opening Gross Austria Dec 18, 2019 2, 195, 499 6, 096, 074 Belgium Dec 18, 2019 2, 379, 822 7, 098, 052 Bulgaria Dec 20, 2019 – 1, 462, 957 Croatia Dec 19, 2019 307, 977 795, 152 Czech Republic Dec 19, 2019 3, 016, 431 Denmark Dec 18, 2019 3, 010, 704 7, 658, 586 Finland Dec 18, 2019 2, 428, 682 6, 093, 876 France Dec 18, 2019 16, 482, 515 45, 934, 443 Germany Dec 18, 2019 22, 095, 478 65, 947, 804 Hungary Dec 19, 2019 1, 429, 735 3, 754, 994 Iceland Dec 20, 2019 147, 021 560, 746 Italy Dec 18, 2019 6, 003, 285 14, 937, 646 Lithuania Dec 18, 2019 90, 847 322, 095 Netherlands Dec 18, 2019 3, 089, 583 10, 444, 409 Norway Dec 20, 2019 3, 022, 419 5, 825, 921 Poland Dec 19, 2019 3, 543, 503 9, 224, 866 Portugal Dec 19, 2019 750, 797 2, 408, 112 Romania Dec 20, 2019 682, 268 1, 905, 797 Serbia and Montenegro Dec 19, 2019 180, 412 377, 521 Slovakia Dec 19, 2019 888, 994 Slovenia Dec 19, 2019 120, 055 379, 548 South Africa Dec 20, 2019 496, 450 1, 523, 925 Spain Dec 19, 2019 6, 029, 427 21, 413, 862 Sweden Dec 18, 2019 4, 561, 693 11, 779, 246 Switzerland Dec 18, 2019 2, 747, 813 7, 328, 282 Turkey Dec 20, 2019 699, 794 1, 564, 819 Ukraine Dec 19, 2019 855, 329 2, 038, 354 United Arab Emirates Dec 19, 2019 922, 105 2, 221, 736 United Kingdom Dec 20, 2019 27, 013, 321 74, 745, 222 Latin America Area Release Date Opening Gross Argentina Dec 19, 2019 1, 259, 857 3, 094, 448 Bolivia Dec 19, 2019 705, 387 Brazil Dec 19, 2019 5, 941, 188 13, 264, 933 Chile Dec 19, 2019 1, 371, 876 3, 617, 178 Colombia Dec 19, 2019 979, 570 2, 470, 525 Mexico Dec 19, 2019 7, 252, 312 16, 402, 249 Paraguay Dec 19, 2019 157, 711 Peru Dec 18, 2019 Uruguay Dec 19, 2019 219, 317 Asia Pacific Area Release Date Opening Gross Australia Dec 19, 2019 12, 319, 318 31, 420, 385 Hong Kong Dec 19, 2019 1, 904, 190 4, 447, 831 India Dec 20, 2019 670, 258 1, 257, 972 Indonesia Dec 18, 2019 2, 907, 186 5, 969, 857 Japan Dec 20, 2019 14, 342, 261 64, 324, 409 Malaysia Dec 19, 2019 1, 361, 430 2, 993, 761 New Zealand Dec 19, 2019 1, 897, 526 4, 666, 812 Philippines Jan 8, 2020 976, 114 3, 623, 582 Russia/CIS Dec 19, 2019 5, 788, 242 11, 504, 214 Singapore Dec 19, 2019 1, 479, 646 3, 590, 590 South Korea Jan 8, 2020 2, 503, 880 3, 969, 577 Taiwan Dec 19, 2019 1, 339, 897 2, 732, 830 Thailand Dec 19, 2019 2, 402, 996 4, 280, 696 Vietnam Jan 1, 2020 201, 569 551, 485 China Area Release Date Opening Gross China Dec 20, 2019 12, 211, 838 20, 549, 419.

We think this movie stands out for: A lot or a little? The parents' guide to what's in this movie. As with whole  Star Wars  franchise, main tension here is between good and evil, light and dark. Characters discover nuances of humanity and how people aren't generally all one thing or the other. Story underlines idea that everyone has a choice about which moral code to believe in, which mission to accept. Your family/background doesn't determine your destiny. Promotes transformative power of hope, and importance of friendship, courage, teamwork, loyalty, trust, listening to others, faith. Positive Role Models & Representations Rey continues to be strong, capable, courageous, but this time also deals with inner conflict. She must decide whether to follow the path of the Jedi or indulge in her newfound sense of anger and frustration. Other female characters. including General Leia, Rose, and some new faces. are well represented making tough decisions, leading bravely, and more. Finn and Poe learn to lead together and to put mission above personal conflicts. Their friendship and teamwork fittingly rallies the Republic around helping Rey. First Order is depicted as mostly male and largely white, while Resistance is notably diverse both in skin color and in various species, with women in leadership positions. Tons of sci-fi action violence, both large-scale space battles/explosions and one-on-one duels, shoot-outs, tense chases/crashes. A few explicit but not bloody deaths: A non-human severed head is unceremoniously presented to the First Order (some greenish goop, but no red blood) a traitor is summarily executed, an entire field of Resistance forces is shown dead, a character's skin and face crumble/melt away, Kylo Ren kills and maims many enemies with his lightsaber. One character's wound is shown close-up; a skeleton is seen. Both sides sustain lots of casualties.  Spoiler alert:  Several primary and supporting characters are killed, and nearly everyone is injured at one point. A couple of key characters are presumed captured or killed. A few deaths will be extra emotional for audiences. Many weapons are used in addition to lightsabers: blaster guns, planet-killer weapons, bombs, grenades, daggers, arrows, fighter planes. An officer orders an entire fleet destroyed. A leader orders an entire planet destroyed. Creepy villain, dark/scary locations, and a couple of large, scary worm-like monsters. Frequent peril and danger. Arguments. Two characters continue to have an intense, supernatural bond that sometimes feels romantic. Poe comedically asks another character for a kiss two times. Several charged/longing looks. Embraces/brief kisses (both opposite-sex and, extremely briefly, same-sex. Infrequent use of insults and words of exasperation including "ass. damn it. hell. stupid, "shut up. etc. Nothing in the movie, but off camera there's an entire universe of merchandise available, from branded/themed apparel, board games, video games, accessories, housewares, action figures, Lego sets, food, toys, and just about anything else you can consume that can be a tie-in. Drinking, Drugs & Smoking What parents need to know Parents need to know that Star Wars: Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker is the ninth and final film in the four-decade-long Skywalker saga (and the third installment in the current trilogy.  Following the events of  Episode VIII: The Last Jedi,   the film focuses on the battle between the villainous First Order, led by Supreme Leader Kylo Ren ( Adam Driver) and the virtuous Resistance fighters, embodied by the last Jedi, Rey ( Daisy Ridley. Everything is on the line in this installment, which means the sci-fi action violence is ratcheted up a notch: You can expect even more major space battles, high-stakes destruction, tense chases/crashes, peril, injury, and fierce lightsaber duels (plus blasters, arrows, cannons, and other weapons. This movie feels a little more intense and darker than the previous two in this trilogy, with creepy villains and locations and a few explicit (but not bloody) deaths, including a beheading, a point-blank execution, and a body crumbling to bits.  Spoiler alert:  Several primary and supporting characters are killed, and a few of those deaths will be extra emotional for audiences. There are also some scenes with lots of flashing lights, which could be difficult for those with photosensitivity. While there's not a lot of romance, the film does include some longing looks, embraces, and a couple of kisses. Language isn't frequent, but you will hear "ass. hell. and "damn. Women continue to hold strong positions in the Resistance, and there are strong messages of courage, teamwork, hope, and loyalty. Stay up to date on new reviews. Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. Subscribe User Reviews Parent of a 7, 11, 13, and 13-year-old Written by FowlerFan December 20, 2019 Adult Written by ibsuzy December 22, 2019 Amazing - Emotional This movie is open-ended which left me with a few questions. Overall, the movie was way better than I could imagine. Its one of my favorite Star Wars movies. Teen, 17 years old Written by Kwin123 December 19, 2019 What's the story? STAR WARS: EPISODE IX: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER starts off with the usual scrolling exposition: In a galaxy far, far away, what remains of the Resistance regroups after the devastating losses of  The Last Jedi, while Rey ( Daisy Ridley) trains with the Force and new Supreme Leader Kylo Ren ( Adam Driver) and the First Order look for a secret Sith lair that's broadcasting pro-Emperor Palpatine propaganda. Poe ( Oscar Isaac) Finn ( John Boyega) and Chewbacca continue on their mission to subvert the First Order and help Rey save the day. Kylo Ren attempts to lure Rey to the Dark Side, believing that their special supernatural Force connection means they're destined to share a throne and rule together. In battle after battle, the two forces fight for the future of the galaxy. Is it any good? Technically slick and impressively performed, this final installment is definitely entertaining, but the considerable fan service and nostalgic callbacks make it less epic than we might have hoped. Audiences will marvel at the elaborate set pieces, the plentiful Easter eggs, and the intricately choreographed battle sequences (the storyboarding must have been amazing. The talented stars are all back. even the late Carrie Fisher as General Leia Organa. Hopefully they were so bountifully compensated that they can now go on to long careers doing whatever film they want. It's telling, though, that of Driver's three big roles in 2019 (alongside Marriage Story and The Report) this is his least extraordinary. That's because, despite the buddy-adventure humor of the Poe-and-Finn storyline, the fascinating plot revelations (no spoilers here. and the Game of Thrones -style intrigue, the story and writing can occasionally become unwieldy as director J. J Abrams overstuffs the movie that signals the end of an era. Speaking for those who don't possess encyclopedic knowledge of every character name and subplot of the three Skywalker trilogies, it's possible to enjoy this film without total recall of the earlier movies. but those who do remember the meaning of particular characters, species, locations, and vehicles will feel extra rewarded. To spell those particulars out would be to spoil several applause-worthy moments, but if moviegoers have the time, they might re-watch The Empire Strikes Back, Revenge of the Sith, and The Last Jedi to maximize their understanding of the story in Episode IX. The best part of Rise of Skywalker might be the satisfying nostalgia, but it's ultimately about another central trio of friends with sketchy backgrounds (a former scavenger, a Stormtrooper, and a spice runner) who answered a higher calling for themselves, the Force, and the galaxy. Talk to your kids about... Families can talk about the violence in Star Wars: Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. Do scenes of explosions and space battles affect you differently than those of close-up, one-on-one lightsaber duels and killings? Why do you think that is? What makes more of an impact: violence or loss? Why? How does this movie handle both topics? Who are the movie's heroes? How are they role models? Do they demonstrate character strengths such as  courage and teamwork? How is diversity. and a lack thereof. used to indicate the values of the opposing sides of the conflict in the Star Wars series? Why is it notable that the First Order has very little diversity, while the Republic has a lot of it? Talk about the themes from the previous movies that repeat themselves here. Why are issues of good vs. evil, mentorship, and so on so important to this series? How do they play out on-screen? What are your thoughts on the way the Skywalker Saga ended? What do you think happens in the future for the characters, the Force, and the galaxy.
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Ratovi zvijezda uspon skywalkera. Ratovi zvijezda uspon skywalkera online. J. Abrams is bringing the biggest, baddest villain of the “ Star Wars ” galaxy back. The Emperor Palpatine will appear in “Episode IX, ” which we learned is officially called “The Rise of Skywalker. ” The return of the “greatest evil” is just one of several reveals made during the “The Rise of Skywalker” panel at the Star Wars Celebration in Chicago. Surprise host Stephen Colbert welcomed “Episode IX” director Abrams, president of Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy and a large returning cast including Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian) Daisy Ridley (Rey) Kelly Marie Tran (Rose Tico) John Boyega (Finn) Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron) and Joonas Suotamo (Chewbacca) to the main stage. Missing from the presentation was Adam Driver (Kylo Ren) and new cast member Keri Russell, who are currently co-starring in a Broadway play together. Heres everything we learned about the end of the Skywalker story…. When Does “Episode IX” Start in the Galaxy Far, Far Away? The first bits of plot details to come from the event were about timing, a simple fact that was particularly difficult for Colbert to get out. “Oh, I see, you asked me to come to Chicago to ask questions, not get answers, ” the host joked. Abrams explained that the next film will start many months after Rian Johnsons “The Last Jedi. ” “The movie doesnt pick up immediately after the last film; some time has gone by, ” Abrams explained. He then showed the crowd a piece of concept art reuniting Chewbacca, Poe, Finn, Rey, BB-8 and C-3PO under the Millennium Falcon. “This an adventure that the group goes on together, ” the director said. The gang might appear together in the rendering, but theres still someone missing: longtime castmate R2-D2. How Will Carrie Fisher Return? Another legacy cast member who wasnt a part of the “Episode IX” shoot: Carrie Fisher, aka General Leia Organa. Lucasfilm had previously stated that Fishers death in 2016 wouldnt deter them from using her character in the closing chapter of the Skywalker saga. Thankfully, Leia wont be returning in a computer-generated form. “The idea of having a CG character was off the table, ” Abrams said. Despite “Rogue Ones” decision to recreate the late Peter Cushings Grand Moff Tarkin and a younger Fisher as Princess Leia, there will be no computer-generated Leia in this film. “You dont recast that part and you dont suddenly have [Fisher] disappear, ” Abrams said. The director explained that he pieced together new Leia moments with unused scenes from “The Force Awakens. ” “There was actually a way to use those scenes to continue her story, ” he added. Who is Jannah? New to the Celebration stage was Naomi Ackie. After giving fans a first look at her character, Jannah ( above) the actress dodged questions like a “ Star Wars ” pro. When asked to comment on the fan theory that Jannah is actually Lando Calrissians daughter, Ackie joked, “He could have children all over the universe! ” However, Ackie did reveal that her character will cross paths with the Millennium Falcon crew at some point, which seems fairly obvious, as theyre all in the same movie. But hey, its something. Billy Dee Is Back Speaking of Lando, legacy star Billy Dee Williams held court on the Celebration stage, causing the crowd to cheer at the first image of the actor back in his iconic cape. When asked how he returned to the character, Williams simply replied, “How did I find Lando again? Lando never left me! ” Williams did use the mic to clear up an age-old “Star Wars” spat. “ I get sick and tired of being accused of betraying Han Solo, ” Williams said. “A ll of a sudden Im talking about me, not Lando Calrissian. He was up against Darth Vader… By the way, did anybody die? ” Not in that movie, Lando! Lukes Lightsaber: Not Dead Yet! Meanwhile, original “Force Awakens” newbies kept a tight lip on “Star Wars” secrets, despite a few interesting details. For one, Luke Skywalkers lightsaber — presumably lost — is in fact still around. “T he lightsaber that Rey inherited from Luke lives! ” Ridley exclaimed. It seemingly pops up in some of the first frames of the new trailer, wielded by Rey. On a down note, she also confirmed that there would be no more shirtless scenes from Drivers Kylo Ren, as seen in “The Last Jedi. ” You win some, you lose some. Whats Next for Finn? As for Finn, Boyega explained that while his character may have seemed a bit lost in the last two films, “this movie hes a full-fledged Resistance sexy young man. ” The character also has a whole new look, which includes new pants, something Boyega went wild over. “I saw the blue pants coming out of the cupboard and was like, ‘Im in “Star Wars” now! ” And that was the big reveal about Finn: blue pants. Meet D-O If you thought there was going to be another “Star Wars” movie without a new toy that your kids will demand, think again. The panel also brought out a whole new adorable rolling droid, D-O, which is totally different from the latest rolling droid BB-8. BB-8 is propelled by a large ball and makes adorable chirping sounds, whereas D-O is propelled by a wheel, makes adorable chirping sounds and is green. Its different! TeamTico The undisputed biggest cheer of the presentation went to Kelly Marie Tran. Rose received a standing ovation from the crowd, an act that forced Tran to wipe her eyes and cheer. The audience was then presented with the first still of Rose from “The Rise of Skywalker, ” proving that Rose has healed from her injuries in “The Last Jedi. ” Abrams told the crowd that his favorite thing to come from Johnsons movie was the casting of Tran. Same. The Emperor Returns After fans were treated to the premiere of the teaser trailer for “ The Rise of Skywalker, ” there was yet another twist. The stage glowed red as actor Ian McDiarmid appeared, smiled and, in his best Emperor Palpatine voice, commanded the Celebration crew to “roll it again. ” It confirmed the return of the galaxys great big bad. How McDiarmid will be used in the film is not certain, but his cackling laughs at the end of the first teaser have already sent the internet ablaze. “ Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker ” will hit theaters on Dec. 20, 2019. Adam Sandler may have been snubbed by the Academy, but just like when he lost his high school yearbook superlative for “best looking” to some “feather-headed douchebag, ” hes taking it all in stride. “Tonight as I look around this room, I realize the Independent Spirit Awards are the best personality awards of Hollywood, ” he said. The 35th Film Independent Spirit Awards took place on the Santa Monica beach this Saturday, and the spirit of the shows independence from the Academy Awards — and the Hollywood studio system at large — was on ready and, at times, anxious display in the press room backstage. “The Farewell” — totally shut out at. An intimate group of executives, talent and journalists gathered in Hollywood on Friday evening to celebrate the life of Joyce Sevilla, a veteran publicist and brand marketing whiz who died unexpectedly last week. Held only blocks away from the bustle of the Academy Awards setup at Hollywood and Highland, restauranteur Salvatore Aurora closed his Sunset. Actor Robert Conrad, the star of television series including “Hawaiian Eye, ” “The Wild Wild West” and “Baa Baa Black Sheep” during an almost five-decade career that also included the occasional feature film, has died in Malibu, Calif. He was 84. Conrad toplined at least one series in the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, a. On Saturday, Jennifer Lopez defended her recent Super Bowl halftime with Shakira, which was criticized by some as being “too sexy. ” “I think thats honestly silliness, ” she told Variety‘s Marc Malkin at the Independent Spirit Awards. Lopez and Shakiras halftime performance on Sunday, which scored rave reviews otherwise, featured pole-dancing, a childrens choir and both. If you watch “Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words” looking for a clue as to Thomas inner workings, a key to who Clarence Thomas really is, then youll have to wait a while before it arrives. But it does. The reason it takes so long is that Thomas, dressed in a red tie. As if to apologetically clear the cinematic air for Miami, “cigarette” power boats, and art in general after the atrocity of 2018s John Travolta vehicle “Speed Kills, ” “Omniboat” applies a brisk scrub of cleansing absurdism to the same locational and vehicular themes. This de facto compilation feature by a dozen-plus writer-directors, commissioned by that citys.

FANDOM " The saga will end. The story lives forever. " ―Final trailer [src] Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker, marketed as Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, is a 2019 film directed by J. J. Abrams from a script by Abrams and Chris Terrio. It is the third and final film in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. The film, produced by Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, is a continuation of 2015 's The Force Awakens, which Abrams also directed and co-wrote, and 2017 's The Last Jedi. Lucasfilm has referred to The Rise of Skywalker as the final installment of the Skywalker saga. The film stars Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Anthony Daniels, Naomi Ackie, Domhnall Gleeson, Richard E. Grant, Lupita Nyong'o, Keri Russell, Joonas Suotamo, Kelly Marie Tran, with Ian McDiarmid and Billy Dee Williams. Fisher, who passed away in 2016 prior to the film's production, appeared via unused footage from The Force Awakens. The film was first announced after The Walt Disney Company acquired Lucasfilm Ltd. in 2012. Colin Trevorrow was initially announced as the director and writer of the film, but he and Lucasfilm parted ways in September 2017, with Lucasfilm citing "creative differences" over the project. On September 12, 2017, Abrams and Terrio were announced as the new director and writers. Principal photography began in 2018, and filming wrapped in 2019. Footage from The Rise of Skywalker was first made public on April 12, 2019 at Celebration Chicago. The film was released on December 20, 2019. It received mixed reviews from critics. The Rise of Skywalker received three nominations at the 92nd Academy Awards: Best Original Score, Best Visual Effects, and Best Sound Editing. It has grossed over 1 billion worldwide, making it the forty-sixth highest-grossing film of all time. Opening crawl Edit Episode IX THE RISE OF SKYWALKER The dead speak! The galaxy has heard a mysterious broadcast, a threat of REVENGE in the sinister voice of the late EMPEROR PALPATINE. GENERAL LEIA ORGANA dispatches secret agents to gather intelligence, while REY, the last hope of the Jedi, trains for battle against the diabolical FIRST ORDER. Meanwhile, Supreme Leader KYLO REN rages in search of the phantom Emperor, determined to destroy any threat to his power. Synopsis Edit Darkness rises. Edit " At last. Snoke trained you well. " ―Palpatine, to Kylo Ren A year after the battle of Crait, Supreme Leader Kylo Ren leads a vicious assault against Alazmec colonists on Mustafar, seeking a wayfinder owned by Ren's grandfather, Darth Vader; he requires the device as a guide in his hunt for the returned Sith Emperor Palpatine, who he perceives as a threat to his power. The Leader slaughters many colonists alongside his stormtroopers before retrieving the device and slotting it into his ship, allowing its dark power to lead him through the crimson energy storms that surround the fabled Sith vastness of Exegol. Landing at the foot of an enormous citadel, Ren ignites his blade and enters, eventually reaching a vast chamber lined with worn statues of Sith legends. As he descends into its depths, he hears the Emperor mocking him; Ren's declaration that he had killed Snoke is dismissed: I made Snoke. " Lightning dances around the young dark side adept as he listens to the taunting words, spoken in a voice transitioning from that of the Emperor himself to that of Snoke and, finally, to that of Vader: I have been every have ever your head. " Ren, unshaken, proceeds further into the citadel, walking for some time among the towering effigies. His path lit by his blade, the young man eventually wanders into a maze of unfamiliar equipment tended by robed acolytes. Tall cylinders filled with a sickly golden liquid hold motionless, incomplete bodies with the mutilated visage of the dead Snoke; the Emperor's earlier words that he created the previous Supreme Leader are confirmed. Among these machines, bound by innumerable tubes and wires to machines of support and sustenance, is the emaciated figure of Palpatine himself. Ren raises his blade, but the Emperor speaks and stays his hand, explaining that the First Order was merely a harbinger of what he could bring about. A threat from the Supreme Leader seems to amuse Palpatine, who assures the Supreme Leader that he has died before, and issues a familiar promise: the dark side is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. Ren asks what Palpatine would give him; the Dark Lord replies simply: Everything. " At the surface, the ice cracks and yields as innumerable Star Destroyers ascend from the frozen sea into the tempestuous sky. With this, an ominously smiling Palpatine orders Ren to kill Rey and so end the Jedi Order, in the act becoming what his legendary grandfather could not, and so that the younger man will take his place as Emperor when the Resistance ends. However, he also issues a warning: that Rey is not who he expects. A vital mission Edit " He's definitely cheating. " ―Finn, on Chewbacca's playing of dejarik Meanwhile, on the Millennium Falcon, ex-stormtrooper Finn and Resistance pilot Poe Dameron engage the Wookiee Chewbacca in an intense game of dejarik. The Wookiee takes some time considering his next move, and his human opponents jokingly suggest that he may be cheating. The implication infuriates Chewbacca, forcing Finn and Poe to calm him. Before their game can resume, an alarm sounds from the cockpit. Passing Klaud, a Resistance technician, in the corridor, the trio arrive in their seats just as the Falcon exits hyperspace. The Falcon arrives at the Sinta Glacier Colony to meet a Resistance informant, the Ovissian Boolio, who tells them about a spy and gives them a message in the form of a data encoder, ordering them to give it to Leia. Finn proceeds to insert the message into R2-D2. Before more can be said, several squadrons of TIE fighters scream into the system, prepared to take down the Falcon. As Finn prepares for the action and heads to the gunner cockpit, Boolio tells him to win the war before heading off. Forced to head into the depths of the colony by a wall of TIEs, the Falcon destroys a number of its pursuers before jumping to hyperspace through one of the colony's walls. The remaining fighters pursue them regardless, and Poe begins lightspeed skipping through a number of systems, whose dangers the First Order pilots are unable to evade. Poe is able to outmaneuver the enemy, though his reckless trick-flying heavily damages the Falcon. A Jedi rises Edit " Be with me. Be with me. They're not with me. " ―Rey, as she meditates On the jungle world of Ajan Kloss, which serves as the hidden base of the Resistance, Rey meditates solemnly, floating in the air alongside a number of rocks. She tries to maintain her composure and balance, but ultimately fails and, with a sigh, lowers herself to the ground. General Leia Organa, who had been watching nearby, comforts the discouraged acolyte, assuring her that nothing is impossible and that she will be able to commune with the Jedi who came before her, as she hopes to. Reinvigorated, Rey accepts Anakin Skywalker's lightsaber and takes off running on another bout with her training course. She expertly runs and leaps through the obstacles, imbuing her actions with the Force. She blocks every bolt from her hovering training droid, but pauses and stares as it is revealed that Kylo Ren, to whom she is bound through the Force, is communing with his grandfather's helmet and speaking to her from his chambers far across the galaxy. A vision, induced by Ren, terrifies the Jedi: the ascensions of the Sith Eternal fleet above Exegol; the face of her murdered mentor and Ren's father, Han Solo; the pained words of her master, Luke Skywalker, as she tapped into the dark side; her duel with and alongside Ren against the Praetorian Guard of Snoke; the departure of her parents from Jakku, leaving her behind in the grip of Unkar Plutt. In a rage, she ultimately batters the training remote with her staff, but damages BB-8 in the process. Rescuing the droid from beneath the tree that had collapsed on him, Rey returns to the base and concedes to Leia that she feels tired and unready to wield the saber of her master. BB-8 excitedly volunteers to take up the mantle, which Rey dismisses; smiling, Leia kindly reminds her never to underestimate a droid. Some time later, in the midst of Rey's studies of the ancient texts she retrieved from the First Jedi Temple, the Falcon returns. It has been, however, severely damaged in the course of its escape from the First Order squadrons; Rey berates a fatigued Dameron for this, but he rebuffs her by noting that BB-8 is in similarly poor condition due to her earlier training accident. Rey dismisses the pilot, quipping that he's a difficult man, before hugging Finn, who jokingly joins her in condemning his companion. Although Rey is further angered by the revelation that Poe lightspeed skipped with the Falcon, a maneuver that the aging freighter cannot support, but the pilot admits the true cause of his concern: Rey is "the best fighter [the Resistance] has. but she has spent her time since Crait training and furthering her knowledge of the Force rather than participating in the war against the First Order. "We need you out there, not here. Dameron says before stalking off to begin briefing the Resistance on the information his group had obtained. Poe cheerlessly informs those gathered that the message sent across the galaxy is confirmed: Palpatine has returned, heading an unprecedented fleet, with ambitions of vengeance and conquest. Rose Tico is dubious that the Emperor has truly risen again; Beaumont Kin raises the point of cloning and that the dark side held secrets only the Sith knew. Dameron further exposits that the designs of Palpatine have led to the creation of the Final Order, true successor to the Empire. In sixteen hours, the armada will embark from Exegol on a mission of galactic subjugation. C-3PO chimes in, noting that Exegol is not on any star maps, and is described in lore as the Hidden World of the Sith. With this dismal news, the Resistance quietly debates their options until Rey, holding up one of her tomes, informs Leia that she needs to speak with the general privately. Showing her pages in the book, Rey explains that Luke had been searching for a wayfinder much the same way his former apprentice Ren had been doing, with a similar goal of reaching Exegol. However, his hunt had been left incomplete at its final step; if the Resistance could complete it, they could locate the wayfinder and use it to reach Exegol. Leia refuses to support this new mission, claiming that it is too dangerous, but the scavenger admits that she will go with or without the general's blessing, knowing that her newest mentor would do the same. Accepting this, Leia dispatches her student to the desert of Pasaana, where a contact will be waiting. Though Rey plans to go alone, Poe, Chewie, and Finn tell her that they will accompany her. Though initially unwilling to accept the help and claiming she must accomplish the task alone, with a small speech from Finn, Rey accepts their aid. C-3PO also join the group aboard the Falcon as it undergoes repairs, stating to R2-D2 before departure that, should he not survive, the astromech was the "best friend he ever had. " Finn briefly says farewell to Tico, confident that he will return, and Rey speaks once more with Leia, wishing that she could tell the princess of Alderaan everything she wanted to. Reassuring her student once again, Leia simply says: tell me when you get back. The two hug, and Rey, emboldened, departs with her friends aboard the Falcon. Rise of a dark warrior Edit " We have a spy in our midst. Whoever that traitor is, it won't stop us. " ―Kylo Ren, to the Supreme Council A metalsmith, Symeong Sith alchemist Albrekh, stiches Ren's helmet back together as he looks on surrounded by his Knights of Ren. With that, the Supreme Leader convenes a meeting of the First Order Council aboard his Star Destroyer, including General Armitage Hux and Allegiant General Enric Pryde. Ren, who has found and killed Boolio, slams Boolio's bloody, decapitated head on the table and informs them that they have a spy in their midst, but that it is irrelevant. A moment of tense silence leads him to ask if Hux, his rival in the First Order power structure, is troubled by his appearance; the general quietly dismisses this concern, while another officer says that she likes Ren's reassembled helmet. Quinn speaks up, dismissing the Sith Eternal as "a cult, conjurers and soothsayers. Pryde refutes these concerns, stating that the resources of the First Order will be increased ten thousand fold by the incorporation of the Sith fleet into their own ranks. With a spiteful glance at a glowering Hux, Pryde notes that the influence of this ancient power will "correct the error of Starkiller Base. Unconvinced, Quinn wonders aloud if the ships are truly a gift, and what Palpatine might demand in return. In response, Ren brutally chokes the general through the Force and lifts his body to the ceiling without even looking at him. The fallen Jedi then commands his officers to prepare to crush any worlds that will defy the Order, and that he and his acolytes will be hunting the scavenger. Mission to Pasaana Edit " The Aki-Aki Festival of the Ancestors! This celebration occurs only once every forty-two years! ―C-3PO The Falcon comes out of hyperspace over the desert planet of Pasaana. They land at Luke's coordinates and arrive at the Aki-Aki Festival of the Ancestors. Wandering among the crowd for a while, the group tries to keep a low profile. As Rey gazes at some Aki Aki youngsters, a child approaches her. Translated by 3PO, the child says she is named Nambi Ghima and offers a necklace to Rey, who smiles and accepts the kind gesture. When Ghima inquires as to the Jedi acolyte's family name, she replies that she doesn't have one. At that moment, Kylo Ren establishes a connection with Rey through their bond. Speaking to her through this, Ren informs his quarry that Palpatine wants her dead. Rey comments that he is serving another master, but the fallen Jedi dismisses this, stating that he has plans of his own. After insisting that he will turn her to the dark side, Ren reaches out and grabs her necklace, pulling it through the Force into his own hands. Rey realizes the First Order will soon be coming and runs off to warn her friends. As they reconvene and prepare to escape, a stormtrooper finds them but is quickly shot by a mysterious figure. This masked savior asks Rey and her team to follow him. Once they enter a transport, he reveals himself to be Lando Calrissian, the man who destroyed the second Death Star at the Battle of Endor many years prior. He shows them a hologram of a Sith wayfinder and explains that only two were ever created. He further reveals that he once accompanied Luke on a mission to track a man named Ochi, whom they believed held information key to locating one of the devices, but when they arrived, they found his ship abandoned. Lando apparently remained behind on Pasaana. The old hero of the Rebellion offers them directions to Ochi's ship, which remains in the desert where he left it. Squadrons of TIEs and First Order dropships fly overhead as the crew hurries through the crowds to the fringes of the festival, eventually stealing a pair of skiff speeders. They are quickly spotted, however, and First Order treadspeeders begin a fierce pursuit, aided by jet troopers. They prove no match for the gang of heroes and are swiftly dispatched, though the chase drives the speeders into the Sinking Fields, where the damage done by the troopers fells them and sends the heroes into the quicksand. They fall through it into a web of caves below the surface, quickly joining up as they use the glow of the Skywalker blade and Poe's diminutive flashlight to guide themselves through the confusing network of tunnels. The group eventually locates Ochi's remains, revealing that the Jedi hunter was swallowed by the sands and never escaped. Alongside his bones is a dagger that Rey senses has a dark past, while 3PO recognizes that it is inscribed with the ancient language of the Sith and is unable to translate due to restrictions on his programming. Dameron laments to the droid that this is "the one time we need you to talk, and you can't. " As they are about to depart and look for a way out, the team is cornered by an aggressive vexis snake. They prepare to fight the beast, but Rey notices that the serpent is injured. Using Force healing, Rey manages to appease the creature, which tunnels through the rock to create an escape for the team. At the same time, it is revealed that the Knights of Ren have arrived on Pasaana, and are hunting them. The team hurries to Ochi's ship. As they near it, Rey pauses, the Force having informed her that Ren has arrived. She sends her friends ahead to the ship before running back into the desert to confront her nemesis. In the distance, Ren's new TIE fighter roars through the desert only meters above the sand. As it nears her, Rey runs into a leap and, as the ship flies beneath her, she severs a wing with her lightsaber and sends the ship into a tailspin. It crashes in a fireball some distance away. During this time, however, Chewbacca and the dagger have been captured by the Knights and stormtroopers while the Wookiee was leaving to retrieve Rey. Finn observes the latter forcing the Wookiee onto a transport, and runs to Rey to inform her of this. Kylo Ren, having emerged from the wreckage of his ship, advances across the desert and engages in a duel of the Force with Rey, each of them pulling the First Order transport to their side. In this struggle, Rey accidentally releases a burst of Force lightning, destroying the vessel and seemingly killing Chewbacca. Ren allows the Jedi and her allies to escape in Ochi's vessel, as his own troops have captured the Falcon. As the Jedi hunter's ship hurries away from Pasaana, Rey mourns that she has apparently killed Chewbacca. Finn attempts to reassure her, stating that he knows the good person he believes her to be, but she dismisses his words, claiming that no one knows the truth behind who she is. As the wookiee had the dagger, a further setback is revealed: they have no way to reach Exegol. C-3PO, however, reveals that he has retained the information from the dagger in his memory. A plan to hack the protocol droid's programming restrictions is formed, and following a tip from Poe, the heroes set course for Kijimi. During the trip, BB-8 finds and reactivates the droid D-O on Ochi's ship. A new mission Edit " Spice runner. ―Finn, after finding out Poe's former occupation The heroes of the Resistance make their way to the snow-dusted planet of Kijimi to execute their plan to discover what secrets the Dagger held. The Resistance team arrives on the planet and bump into Zorii Bliss and her crew. She reveals that Poe has a colorful past, once worked as a spice runner and still owes her money. A skirmish occurs before Rey gets the upper hand and Zorii agrees to bring them to Babu Frik to hack C-3PO's programming to read the Sith language on the Dagger. Unknown to them, the Knights of Ren have tracked them there. Zorii Bliss brings them through a back alley and into a little bar in order to get to the droid ship. Frik tells everyone that he can unlock the message to be read, but in doing so C-3PO's memory will be wiped. Still reeling from the loss of Chewbacca, the heroes argue about finding another way to get the job done, but in an act of self-sacrifice C-3PO voluntarily consent to the modifications, knowing that he will be lost in the act. Frik completes the hack and 3PO is now able to read the message inscribed on the Dagger. The translated text points them to the location of Emperor's wayfinder. Having served his purpose, 3PO's memory wipe begins and he shuts down. Once the memory wipe is complete, 3PO reboots with a completely empty memory. Outside the bar, Zorii and Poe reminisce about old times. There is some lingering connection there even though they had some sort of falling out in the past. Poe tries to convince Zorii to join them. She turns him down, but she understands the good in what Poe is trying to do and gives him a First Order Captain's Medallion as a gesture of goodwill to help them get through First Order security. She had been saving to buy this medallion on the black market as her ticket off Kijimi and away from her spice running days, but she gives it to Poe. As the First Order arrives, Rey senses that Chewie is alive. As the heroes escape on Ochi's ship, the group makes the decision to use the passage device to board the Star Destroyer and recapture the Falcon and save Chewie. The device works, and their ship lands without question. Rey uses a mind trick to confuse the stormtroopers, enabling them to find Chewie; though Rey splits off, feeling as if something is calling to her. Meanwhile, Poe and Finn find Chewie, but their rescue attempt fails and they are all taken captive. The calling Rey feels is caused by the dagger which draws her to it in Kylo's living quarters. Rey finds and grabs Ochi's blade, but when she does, it gives her visions of what happened to her par ents. Ochi found and killed them with that dagger and that her parents were trying to hide her from Ochi. When she breaks free of the vision a bond with Kylo begins. He discovers that she is on his Star Destroyer and a lightsaber duel breaks out between the two of them across two different locations, Kylo on the surface of Kijimi and Rey aboard the Star Destroyer. During this encounter, Kylo reveals that there is more to the story behind Rey and her parents. Ochi was sent to find and recover Rey, not kill her. Her parents just got in the way, so he killed them. She is still wanted for the darkness that resides within her. It's clear that by this point, Kylo is fully committed to the Sith Lord's mission for him. A new revelation Edit " You're a Palpatine. " ―Kylo Ren, to Rey When it appears that all is lost for Finn, Poe, and Chewie, who have been captured by the First Order, General Hux arrives and surprisingly not only allows them to escape but points them in the direction of the Falcon. Hux was the mole within the First Order that Finn and Poe had received information from. When asked, he tells them that he wasn't doing it to help the Resistance, but rather because he didn't want Kylo Ren to win. Ren arrives and faces off Rey, in which he reveals that she is Palpatine's granddaughter; her father was the son of the Emperor. Kylo once again offers for Rey to join him, but she refuses, escaping in the Falcon. After they leave, Pryde kills Hux for treason against the First Order and assumes control of the First Order military. Palpatine contacts Pryde and demands that he use one of the specially equipped Star Destroyers to destroy Kijimi as an act of loyalty and Pryde complies. Pryde tells Kylo that even though they don't have the dagger, they know where the Resistance is going because they scanned it while it was still in their possession. Mission to Kef Bir Edit " He said you'd come. He said you were the last hope. " ―Jannah, of Rey's team The information learned from C-3PO's translation of the dagger's writing leads to the location of a second wayfinder device which turns out to be aboard the wreckage of the second Death Star on the ocean moon of Kef Bir. The team eventually meets a woman named Jannah. She heard about them from Babu Frik and at their urging, offers to take them to the location of the wayfinder the next day. While fixing the Falcon with Finn, Jannah reveals she was once a stormtrooper known as TZ-1719 and that her whole tribe were former troopers. They mutinied at a battle in which they were told to fire on civilians. But soon, the group realizes they had not seen Rey. She had, in fact, taken a skimmer and was headed to get the wayfinder. Rey uses the dagger to locate the wayfinder by aligning a plate hidden in the hilt with a specific part of the Death Star's wreckage, and discovering the two shapes match perfectly. Upon contacting the wayfinder, she envisions herself as a Sith; a short duel between Rey and the Sith vision ensues. Shortly after, Kylo, having tracked the group to Kef Bir, finds and destroys the wayfinder in an attempt to channel her anger, thus dueling Rey. Ren, however, gets the upper hand, but as a dying Leia calls to Kylo by his name Ben through the Force, Rey impales him. Sensing Leia's death, Rey heals Kylo and takes his TIE whisper to exile herself to Ahch-To, shaken by her Sith lineage. As she prepares to throw the Skywalker lightsaber into the burning wreckage of Kylo's TIE whisper, Luke's Force spirit appears. He tells the story of Leia's Jedi training and encourages Rey to face Palpatine as he faced Darth Vader, giving Leia's lightsaber and his old X-wing. Rey leaves for Exegol, using the wayfinder on Kylo's ship. On Kef Bir, Kylo converses with a vision of Han Solo, his father, and throws his lightsaber into the water near the wreckage of the Death Star, reclaiming his identity as Ben Solo. Upon the Steadfast, Palpatine communes with Pryde over a hologram. The Sith Lord discusses the failure of the late Kylo Ren before Pryde, now de facto leader of the First Order. Pryde, a loyal Imperial during the time of the Empire prior to the Galactic Civil War, pledges the organization to the Final Order to the Emperor. Palpatine then commands Pryde to join him on Exegol, and informs the Allegiant General that a Xyston -class Star Destroyer from the Sith fleet is to be transferred to the First Order, intending to prove the General's loyalty by ordering him to send it to a planet with ties to the Resistance. Subsequently, Pryde has the Star Destroyer sent to destroy Kijimi with its axial superlaser at the Palpatine's behest. With the deed done, the Sith fleet on Exegol sees itself headed by Pryde aboard the Steadfast. Confrontation on Exegol Edit " She will take her revenge, and with a stroke of her saber, the Sith will be reborn! The Jedi are dead! ―Darth Sidious, to Rey and the Sith Eternal Rey arrives on Exegol and transmits her location to the Resistance. She confronts Palpatine and the Sith Eternal, who demands that she kill him to transfer his spirit into Rey. The Resistance engages in battle with the Sith Lord's fleet, though they are overpowered, suffering losses like Temmin Wexley. Ben overpowers the Knights of Ren and arrives to help Rey, but Palpatine rejuvenates himself by absorbing the life essences of Rey and Ben and then disables the Resistance fleet above with Force lightning. Palpatine tells Ben that he will be the last Skywalker and uses the Force to throw him into a nearby chasm, seemingly killing him. A weakened Rey hears the voices of past Jedi ( Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn, Ahsoka Tano, Yoda, Mace Windu, Kanan Jarrus, Aayla Secura, Luminara Unduli, Adi Gallia, Luke Skywalker and Anakin Skywalker) who lend their strength and encourage her to continue on. Palpatine furiously attempts to destroy Rey with lightning, but she deflects it back towards him using the two lightsabers, disintegrating his body and killing him once and for all. However, Rey dies from the effort of the powerful attack. A hand appears at the edge of the chasm and an injured Ben pulls himself up, falling to his knees beside Rey and pulling her dead body into his lap. He embraces Rey's body. Pulling away, Ben puts his hand on her stomach and uses the Force to resurrect her. Rey awakens, smiling at Ben and touching his cheek gently. The two embrace before Rey kisses him. Moments later, Ben falls backward and dies, having given his remaining life essence to her. His body fades away as he becomes one with the Force; At that moment, Leia's body does the same. After returning for Finn and Jannah, Lando leads the Resistance, now backed by reinforcements, including Zorii Bliss; who were able to destroy the remainder of the Sith Lord's armada, ending the First Order-Resistance war and beginning a new age of peace across the galaxy. A war ends Edit " People are rising up all over the galaxy. Poe, we did it. We did it. " ―Finn and Poe Dameron The Resistance and the galaxy at large celebrate their victory. Maz Kanata bestows Chewbacca with a Medal of Bravery, which Han was rewarded with following the Battle of Yavin. Poe and Zorii exchange a look and it seems like Poe is trying to ask Zorii if she would like to celebrate with him privately, to which she shakes her head. Rey then returns and shares a hug with Finn and Poe. Rey visits the Lars homestead on Tatooine, where she buries Anakin and Leia's lightsabers in the sand, having now built her own — a black-handled lightsaber with a golden blade. A local asks her name and, seeing spirits of Luke and Leia look on, Rey gives her name as "Rey Skywalker. Rey and BB-8 then watch the twin suns of Tatooine rise. Development Edit " To have no script and to have a release date and have it be essentially a two-year window when you're saying (to yourself) you've got two years from the decision to do it to release, and you have literally nothing. You don't have the story, you don't have the cast, you don't have the designers, the sets. There was a crew, and there were things that will be worked on for the version that preceded ours, but this was starting over. " ―J. Abrams, on taking over from Colin Trevorrow [src] Long before Lucasfilm's acquisition by Disney in 2012, Star Wars creator George Lucas mentioned that he had plans to make nine films. [12] In 1976, Lucas asked Mark Hamill to make a cameo in the film ( like Obi-Wan handing the lightsaber down to the next new hope. which he estimated at the time would be filmed "around 2011. 13] According to Hamill, Lucas's outline for the sequel trilogy had Luke Skywalker surviving until Episode IX and training Leia Organa in the Force; 14] Hamill was an advocate for this version of the story. [15] Producer Gary Kurtz mentioned in a 1999 interview that Lucas's plans for Episode IX included the first appearance of the Emperor, a plot point ultimately used in the original trilogy 's conclusion. [16] Both JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson were rumored to be involved with early development for Episode IX, 17] 18] though they each denied this, 19] 20] with Abrams saying on his part "We don't write a treatment but there are countless times we came up with something and said 'oh, this would be so great for Episode VIII. or 'Thats what we could get to in IX. 19] According to The Force Awakens co-writer Lawrence Kasdan, the Lucasfilm creative team developed a general idea early on as to how they wanted the film to end. [21] This was echoed by Kylo Ren actor Adam Driver: With Star Wars, I had one piece of information of where it was all going, and that's where it has been in my head for a long time, and things were building towards that. 22] In August 2015, Colin Trevorrow was announced as director for Episode IX. [23] As Abrams and Johnson had to ensure a smooth transition between Episodes VII and VIII, Johnson and Trevorrow worked closely to ensure continuity between their respective films. [24] With cinematographer John Schwartzman, Trevorrow planned to shoot on 65 mm film, and wanted to capture some footage in actual outer space. [25] 26] By 2016, Lucasfilm had developed a full outline, which Trevorrow then turned into a screenplay. [27] He presented the completed script to Lucasfilm (as well as Lucas and Hamill) 28] in early December of that year. [29] —entitled Duel of the Fates. [30] 31] Death of Carrie Fisher Edit " The minute she finished, she grabbed me and said, I'd better be at the forefront of IX. Because Harrison was front and center on VII, and Mark is front and center on VIII. She thought IX would be her movie. And it would have been. " ―Kathleen Kennedy, on Carrie Fisher's death [src] Carrie Fisher died on December 27, 2016. Given that her character had featured prominently in Trevorrow's script, 32] 33] the filmmaker met with Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy in January 2017 to discuss possible story solutions. [34] Kennedy said that the team had "pretty much started over. 35] and it was reported that Jack Thorne was hired to rewrite the initial script. [36] However, in September 2017, it was announced that Trevorrow had left the project due to creative differences, 37] and that he would be replaced by Abrams. [1] According to Kennedy, it was during the initial scripting phase that she realized Trevorrow wasn't the right person for the job; 38] She attributed this to Trevorrow having not been present at the story conferences for The Force Awakens, during which a basic plan for the trilogy had been laid out. [39] Disney reportedly agreed to pay a fee to Paramount Pictures so that Abrams could make the film, as he had been in breach of contract with the latter by his involvement in The Force Awakens. 40] Abrams pitched his story to Disney head Bob Iger in December 2017 [41] and had a script ready by February 2018. [42] As he told Rolling Stone, I had no intention to return. But when the opportunity presented itself to finish a story that we had begun with these new characters, to tell the last chapter of their story, it felt like there was a chance to do it in a way where we could go beyond, and do better than we did in Seven. 43] Due to the time constraints and pressure of returning to the series, Abrams asked Chris Terrio to co-write the film. [44] In May 2018, he told The Wall Street Journal: I had a bunch of ideas from the beginning, back on VII, of where the story would go. I just never in my wildest dreams thought I would have a chance to execute them. 45] The creative team met with Lucas, 46] Johnson and Kasdan before writing the script; 47] According to Abrams, Lucas explained many of his own ideas about the Force and the midi-chlorians. [48] Terrio also spent some time doing extensive research into the Expanded Universe and recent Star Wars animation; 49] He was influenced by many of those stories in writing the film, comparing the process to writing non-fiction: When we would make a story decision, we were fully aware that this now will become canon, and so are we sure that this is the right story decision? Are we sure about it character-wise? Are we sure about it thematically? Does it seem like it gels with George's original intentions from Episode IV? Does it gel with what we learned in the prequels and what we learned in the sequel trilogy. 50] He thought of the core characters as analogous to children of revolutionaries who fought in the War of 1812. [51] Abrams and Terrio were determined to make a film that would conclude the Skywalker saga and tie together the previous eight chapters. [46] 52] The pair began the process by writing ideas on a series of dry erase boards at Bad Robot, and then transferring them to a Microsoft Word document. [53] They would also meet in coffee shops to discuss the script, at which they would use code names to refer to the characters. [54] During the process, they collaborated on ideas with Kennedy, Michelle Rejwan, Rick Carter, Roger Guyett, Kevin Jenkins, Michael Kaplan and Neal Scanlan. [50] Kennedy and Rejwan gave them certain narrative beats that had to be hit. [55] Kennedy described the process to Gizmodo: Nobody was being overly polite. If you didn't think something made sense. If you couldn't follow it, if you thought, from a fan's point of view, that you're stepping outside the lines and it was a bogus kind of thinking, no one was afraid to say that because we knew how important this was to get right. And we didn't let things go. 39] Abrams also described it as “this crazy challenge that could have been a wildly uncomfortable contortion of ideas and shoving in of answers and Band-Aids and bridges. I feel like we've gotten to a place–without jinxing anything–where we might have something incredibly special. ” [44] The writers revisited some of the ideas Abrams and Kasdan had had for The Force Awakens, 56] and also used some ideas that were present in Trevorrow's script. [28] Certain aspects of the story changed significantly during pre-production, 57] and the film had frequent dialogue changes from day to day. [58] 38] Producer Kathleen Kennedy claimed that Palpatine's return was planned from the beginning, 59] although Trevorrow believed it was a new idea by Abrams. [28] According to Terrio, he and Abrams didn't use anything from Trevorrow's script, although "There may have been certain elements that we used that had been in the original script and we weren't aware of it. The Guild makes the determination about those things. 60] Regardless, Trevorrow and his frequent writing partner Derek Connolly received story credits in the final film. [4] In regards to The Last Jedi ' s influence on the film, Abrams told Esquire: As a filmmaker, working on episode IX, amazingly, nothing that he [Rian Johnson] did in Last Jedi got in the way of things that we had talked about wanting to do down the line, ideas that I had about where things might go, so. it wasn't like his story somehow derailed the things I wanted to pursue. In fact, strangely, they might have even helped strengthen them because we got to make some choices that sort of take advantage of the fact that Rian hadn't done the things that we were thinking about doing. 61] Lucasfilm dispelled rumors that it would digitally recreate Fisher in future films. [62] Fisher's brother Todd said that he and Billie Lourd had granted Lucasfilm rights to use footage of her. [63] Kennedy initially claimed that Ms. Fisher would not appear in the film, 64] though Abrams later confirmed that Ms. Fisher will appear in the film via unused footage from The Force Awakens. [5] Mr. Fisher credited this decision to Abrams, 65] who said "It was like finding this impossible answer to this impossible question. 66] According to Mr. Fisher: There's a lot of minutes of footage. I don't mean just outtakes. This is unused, new content that could be woven into the storyline. That's what's going to give everybody such a great kick. It's going to look like it was meant to be. Like it was shot yesterday. ” [67] He also claimed that unused footage from The Last Jedi would also be used; 68] Abrams later clarified that no footage from that film was used due to nothing substantial being available. [69] Ultimately, ILM placed Fisher's facial performance onto a digital body, with an on-set stand-in serving as a visual reference for the actors. This allowed the character to be placed in new locations, and for the effects artists to give her different clothes and a new hairstyle that would be unique to The Rise of Skywalker. [70] Production Edit " We went into this movie very much in the mindset that this has to be conclusive. It has to. You have to get some answers. You have to learn some things. Abrams [src] Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and Oscar Isaac on the set of the film, having completed filming Principal photography began at Pinewood Studios on August 1, 2018, 5] 71] under the working title of "trlXie" originally "Black Diamond. 72] 73] Production also took place in Wadi Rum, Jordan (the same filming location for Jedha in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) for three weeks. [74] Some sequences were filmed with 65mm film and IMAX cameras. [75] 76] Because the film was under a shortened production timeline, the crew had to shoot everything they needed during principal photography, 77] and Maryann Brandon began editing on set. [78] Abrams felt less creatively constrained in making The Rise of Skywalker than he did with The Force Awakens, 79] citing Rian Johnson's work on The Last Jedi as the inspiration: 80] Rian helped remind me that that's why we're on these movies–not to just do something that you've seen before. 81] According to Poe Dameron actor Oscar Isaac, the shooting of The Rise of Skywalker allowed for more improvisation than The Force Awakens or The Last Jedi; It's a testament to J. coming back and feeling confident. There's less pressure for it to be right. We just want to make a good movie and have a really good time while doing it. 82] Abrams shot many of the character interactions in long takes, with actors sometimes coming up with their own lines. [83] Daisy Ridley also commented: There was this thing: JJ would ask us to do the scene without speaking, just to feel the emotional. whatever. He was like, You never know what could come up. We did that a couple of times. Then it became a joke, because we would just wet ourselves laughing. 84] Prior to shooting, members of the cast were trained in various specialties to prepare for the shoot, such as kickboxing, 85] horseback riding, using a bow-and-arrow and holding a gun. [86] 87] Ridley performed the majority of her character's stunts herself. [88] Filmmaker Kevin Smith visited the set (just as he did for The Force Awakens) and described what he saw: Biggest set I've ever seen in my life. The dude's not directing a movie, it's like he's directing a small country. 89] The script was under even greater security than those of previous films, with actors not allowed to take copies home; 90] 91] 92] Despite this, a copy was put up for sale on eBay, after Finn actor John Boyega accidentally left it under his bed and it was found by a cleaning person. However, Lucasfilm was warned about it and recovered the script before someone could buy it. [93] 94] By December 11, 2018, Hamill had worked for "about a week" on the film, but had yet to shoot most of his scenes, which he expected to do alongside his work on the TV series Knightfall. [91] Filming wrapped on February 15, 2019. [95] Reshoots reportedly took place between late September and mid- October at Bad Robot Productions. [96] Post-production Edit John Williams had begun work on the musical score by May 2019, 97] and was scheduled to begin recording in June. [98] Recording took a total of 11 days from July through November of 2019. [99] Williams said that it will most likely be his final Star Wars project. [7] The film was the first project for a new ILM division in Sydney, Australia. [100] Abrams told Entertainment Weekly that the film had significantly less post-production time than normal, and that it was "literally a practical race to get it finished. ” However, he felt more confident about The Rise of Skywalker than he had The Force Awakens. [85] The editing of The Rise of Skywalker was finished on November 24, 2019. [101] Taken as a whole, Abrams described the film as "the most challenging" project he'd ever been involved with. [102] 103] Release Edit " The beauty of working with Chris Terrio and producing with Kathleen Kennedy is that I think we have found a way — I hope, it's up for you to decide — to bring this story to a conclusion in a way that feels satisfying, surprising, amusing, shocking, all the ways that a story should make you feel. " The film was originally scheduled for release on May 24, 2019, 104] but was later pushed back to December 20, 8] giving the May 24 date to the live-action remake of Aladdin. [105] Footage was first publicly screened at Disney's March 8 investor's conference, 106] and briefly at CinemaCon 2019 as part of a montage of upcoming Disney films. [107] The film was featured in a panel at Celebration Chicago, featuring director/co-writer J. Abrams and producer Kathleen Kennedy. [108] The teaser trailer debuted at this event, 109] which also revealed the film's title and teaser poster. [110] During the convention, Abrams, Kennedy, and members of the cast were interviewed for Good Morning America. [47] 111] The film was featured in the May issue of Vanity Fair, 79] the November issues of Empire, 112] Entertainment Weekly and Rolling Stone, 85] 113] 103] the December issue of People, 114] and the January 2020 issue of Empire. [115] A panel was held at the 2019 D23 Expo, featuring cast and crew, with the reveal of a new teaser poster and two show casings of footage; 116] 117] The latter of the two was later released online and aired on television. [118] The cast and crew made a number of television appearances to promote the film, including Good Morning America, 93] 119] 120] 121] 122] The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, 123] The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, 124] 125] Live with Kelly and Ryan, 126] 127] Late Night with Seth Meyers, 128] and Jimmy Kimmel Live. 129] The cast and crew participated in a livestream Q&A on December 2, 130] a press conference on December 4. [131] 132] Brazil's Comic Con Experience on December 7, 133] and the film's Japan premiere on December 11. [134] On December 12, released an exclusive behind-the-scenes video. [135] Tickets went on sale October 21, 136] followed by the release of the final trailer on Monday Night Football and the theatrical poster. [137] 138] Lucasfilm collaborated with Porsche on a new Star Wars spaceship design that was built for the film's premiere, 139] named the Tri-Wing S-91x Pegasus Starfighter. [140] Beginning on December 18, AMC Theaters held a 27+ hour marathon of Episodes I through VIII, leading up to Episode IX. [141] Adam Driver, Greg Grunberg and Mark Hamill each held Omaze fundraisers for which winners could attend the film's U. S. premier, 142] 143] 144] which was held on December 16. [145] As happened with The Force Awakens, 146] a dying fan was given a screening of the film, with Bob Iger himself confirming it on Twitter. [147] Merchandising Edit In November 2018, Lucasfilm debuted the animated shorts Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures as an introduction to the saga for children, beginning a year-long lead-up to the film. [148] In December 2018, Topps began a year-long campaign, dubbed "Star Wars Galactic Moments: Countdown to Episode IX. in which three cards are released each week leading up to the release of the film. [149] Sith trooper merchandise debuted in stores on September 1, 2019, 150] while the film's main merchandise push began on October 4, 2019, known as Triple Force Friday. Aside from The Rise of Skywalker, the event debuted merchandise for the TV series The Mandalorian and the video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. [151] Lucasfilm partnered with eight product brands to promote the film: Bose, Dannon, General Electric, General Mills, Porsche, Samsung, McDonald's and United Airlines [152] —with each ad campaign beginning on November 1. [153] Like with The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, the months leading up to the debut of The Rise of Skywalker saw the release of tie-in novels, short stories, comics, reference books, and activity books known collectively as Journey to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. [154] Star Tours: The Adventures Continue introduced The Rise of Skywalker -themed content. [155] Funko released an animated short inspired by the film. [156] 157] Lucasfilm hosted Star Wars Nights at NBA games in December 2019 and January 2020. [158] Several Disney-owned video games were updated with content from the film: Disney Emoji Blitz, Disney Magic Kingdoms, Star Wars: Commander, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, 159] and Star Wars Battlefront II. [160] Beginning on December 12, Fortnite rolled out a series of The Rise of Skywalker skins and emotes, 161] and on December 14 previewed a scene from the film in an in-game event. [162] 163] The event concluded with exclusive Palpatine dialogue that has been interpreted as the transmission mentioned in the film's opening crawl. [164] Roblox also featured tie-in elements with the film. [165] The 2020 video game LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga will include levels from the film. Home video Edit As with the whole Star Wars saga, The Rise of Skywalker will be released on Disney+ in 2020 to follow up the late 2019 release of The Mandalorian. [166] Reception Edit Box office Edit A Fandango poll ranked the film as the third most anticipated movie of 2019, behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe films Avengers: Endgame and Captain Marvel. [167] In November 2019, the film was tracking for an opening box office of between 175 and 205 million. [168] 169] 170] It opened to 234 million domestic and 376 worldwide box office. [171] Notably, it performed poorly in China, continuing a downward trend from The Force Awakens. [9] To date, the film has made 1, 048 million worldwide. [172] Critical response Edit The film received mixed reviews from critics, who praised the acting, but criticized the story and pacing. On the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, The Rise of Skywalker currently holds an approval rating of 52% based on 472 critics, with an average rating of 6. 17/10. The critics consensus reads. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker suffers from a frustrating lack of imagination, but concludes this beloved saga with fan-focused devotion. 173] At Metacritic, the film has a weighted average of 53 out of 100 based on sixty critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews. 174] Audiences polled at random by CinemaScore gave the film an "B+ grade on average, on an "A+ to "F" scale. By comparison, The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi were both given an "A. and each of the prequel trilogy films were given an "A. 175] Verified audience reviews on Rotten Tomatoes currently have an average rating of 4. 31 out of 5, with an approval rating of 86. 173] Conversely, user-generated reviews at Metacritic hold an average score of 4. 9 out of 10. [174] The Rise of Skywalker received three nominations at the 92nd Academy Awards: Best Original Score, Best Sound Editing, and Best Visual Effects. [176] Continuity Edit In the LEGO Star Wars: Droid Tales episode " Exit from Endor. R2-D2 has a backup of C-3PO 's memories, which causes his eyes to glow when installed. [177] Media Edit Poster gallery Edit Credits Edit Appearances Edit This list is incomplete. You can help Wookieepedia by expanding it. Bibliography Edit Notes and references Edit External links Edit Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker Books Novel Junior novel Graphic novel Behind the scenes The Art of Guide and reference books Official Movie Special The Official Collector's Edition The Galactic Guide The Visual Dictionary Activity books Amazing Sticker Adventures The Galaxy Needs You Other material and merchandise Journey to Triple Force Friday Toyline Soundtrack [edit] Star Wars saga I: The Phantom Menace II: Attack of the Clones III: Revenge of the Sith IV: A New Hope V: The Empire Strikes Back VI: Return of the Jedi VII: The Force Awakens VIII: The Last Jedi IX: The Rise of Skywalker Anthology Series Rogue One Solo Untitled film series Untitled film (2022) Spin-off films Canon: The Clone Wars Untitled trilogy Untitled film (2024) Untitled film (2026) Untitled film Legends: Holiday Special Caravan of Courage The Battle for Endor Television series Canon: The Clone Wars Rebels Forces of Destiny Resistance Galaxy of Adventures The Mandalorian Cassian Andor series Obi-Wan Kenobi series Legends: Droids Ewoks Clone Wars Other media Audio dramas Books Comics Multimedia projects Parodies Roleplaying games Theme park attractions Video games Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. 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#WatchStreamOnline(Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of. h5>. Ratovi zvijezda 3a uspon skywalkera mla. Ratovi zvijezda 3a uspon skywalkera live. I was hoping for the best, while also expecting the worst. Now that I have seen it, I hope that others will come back from the cinema with a more positive experience than I had, because to me, this movie was disappointing.
I don't want to be too negative, because I love Star Wars, and many other may actually enjoy this movie. I don't want to be a hater, but I can't say I loved it because of a number of (big) problems.
To me this movie showed poor pacing (a ludicrous amount of scenes follow one another) often connected weakly by National Treasure or Jumanji-style clues (the book led to a ship which led to a dagger which led to a digital map which led to the Sith homeworld. New characters are introduced (Zorri Bliss) older ones are revisited (Hux, Rose, Maz, Lando, multiple force ghosts) but the movie could have done very well without many of them. The protagonist's challenges don't feel dangerous here all: the bad guys miss no matter the odds, and no matter the new color on their armor. When a sacrifice is made, that sacrifice is undone later (e.g., C3po.
The movie suffers from hyperbole, there is more of everything, everything is bigger, everybody can do new force things - even the ghosts. Not only do we have moooore Star Destroyers than ever, they also have big planet killing cannons under their belly! I actually was reminded of Dr. Evil's Sharks-with-Giant-lasers-attached-to-their-heads here. This problem of scale makes Star Wars feel like a lemon squeezed too often.
Most problematic is however what they did to Ian McDermid's Palpatine. Star Wars movies work among others because of their great villains. We have had Darth Maul, Darth Vader, Tarkin and the old-school Emperor. That overarching menace from the prequels, that evil emperor we knew from RoTJ... Well he's now a Cyborg-zombie with the powers of a Harry-Potteresque dementor, with limited screen time and weak dialogue. I found Snoke to be more imposing in TLJ than Palpatine in TROS. Palpatine - and Anakin's sacrifice - have been severely diminished.
I go to the cinema twice a week. The most recent movies I saw were Jumanji 2 and Midway - movies that provide an enjoyable passage of time without much impact otherwise because of their focus on amusement instead of impactful storytelling or hurting old lore. Elevator music so-to-speak. If this movie would have had the John Carter label instead of the Star Wars label it would fit right in that category. But it is Star Wars and has diminished things that were great about it. I feel that is this trilogy's legacy.


Nominated for 3 Oscars. Another 2 wins & 33 nominations. See more awards  » Learn more More Like This Action, Adventure Drama 1 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 8. 5 / 10 X After the devastating events of Avengers: Infinity War (2018) the universe is in ruins. With the help of remaining allies, the Avengers assemble once more in order to reverse Thanos' actions and restore balance to the universe. Directors: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo Stars: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo Fantasy 7 / 10 Rey develops her newly discovered abilities with the guidance of Luke Skywalker, who is unsettled by the strength of her powers. Meanwhile, the Resistance prepares for battle with the First Order. Director: Rian Johnson Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Mark Hamill Crime Thriller 8. 6 / 10 In Gotham City, mentally troubled comedian Arthur Fleck is disregarded and mistreated by society. He then embarks on a downward spiral of revolution and bloody crime. This path brings him face-to-face with his alter-ego: the Joker. Todd Phillips Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz Comedy 7. 7 / 10 A faded television actor and his stunt double strive to achieve fame and success in the film industry during the final years of Hollywood's Golden Age in 1969 Los Angeles. Quentin Tarantino Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie In Jumanji: The Next Level, the gang is back but the game has changed. As they return to rescue one of their own, the players will have to brave parts unknown from arid deserts to snowy mountains, to escape the world's most dangerous game. Jake Kasdan Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart Sci-Fi 7. 9 / 10 Three decades after the Empire's defeat, a new threat arises in the militant First Order. Defected stormtrooper Finn and the scavenger Rey are caught up in the Resistance's search for the missing Luke Skywalker. J. J. Abrams Oscar Isaac 8 / 10 A detective investigates the death of a patriarch of an eccentric, combative family. Daniel Craig, Ana de Armas Biography Martin Scorsese Al Pacino, Joe Pesci 6. 9 / 10 Two hip detectives protect a witness to a murder while investigating a case of stolen heroin from the evidence storage room from their police precinct. Michael Bay Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Lisa Boyle 7. 8 / 10 The daughter of an Imperial scientist joins the Rebel Alliance in a risky move to steal the Death Star plans. Gareth Edwards Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Alan Tudyk Luke Skywalker joins forces with a Jedi Knight, a cocky pilot, a Wookiee and two droids to save the galaxy from the Empire's world-destroying battle station, while also attempting to rescue Princess Leia from the mysterious Darth Vader. George Lucas Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher 7. 5 / 10 Three years into the Clone Wars, the Jedi rescue Palpatine from Count Dooku. As Obi-Wan pursues a new threat, Anakin acts as a double agent between the Jedi Council and Palpatine and is lured into a sinister plan to rule the galaxy. Hayden Christensen, Natalie Portman, Ewan McGregor Edit Storyline While the First Order continues to ravage the galaxy, Rey finalizes her training as a Jedi. But danger suddenly rises from the ashes as the evil Emperor Palpatine mysteriously returns from the dead. While working with Finn and Poe Dameron to fulfill a new mission, Rey will not only face Kylo Ren once more, but she will also finally discover the truth about her parents as well as a deadly secret that could determine her future and the fate of the ultimate final showdown that is to come. Written by Blazer346 Plot Summary Add Synopsis Taglines: Every Generation Has A Legend. See more  » Details Release Date: 20 December 2019 (USA) Also Known As: Star Wars: Episode IX Box Office Budget: 200, 000, 000 (estimated) Opening Weekend USA: 177, 383, 864, 22 December 2019 Cumulative Worldwide Gross: 1, 058, 056, 021 See more on IMDbPro  » Company Credits Technical Specs See full technical specs  » Did You Know? Trivia When the trailer and title were first revealed in April of 2019, as well as the revelation that Ian McDiarmid would return as Emperor Palpatine, McDiarmid made a surprise appearance after the trailer was first shown at the Star Wars Celebration in Chicago. McDiarmid merely said three words, amongst loud cheers from the crowd: Roll it again. Followed by a mic drop. Abrams was apparently thrilled that the news of Palpatine hadn't leaked online beforehand. See more » Goofs In the final sequence after the battle, when everyone returns to the rebel base to celebrate, Poe and Finn come together and celebrate. After celebrating, Rey appears and the three do a group hug. In this group hug, the order is wrong. Poe should have his head on one shoulder of Rey and Finn on another shoulder instead of Finn being the central figure in the hug. See more » Quotes [ first lines] Emperor Palpatine: At last. Snoke trained you well. Kylo Ren: I killed Snoke. I'll kill you. My boy, I made Snoke. I have been every voice... Snoke. have ever heard... Darth Vader. your head. See more » Soundtracks Oma's Place Written, Produced, and Performed by Ricky Tinez and J. Abrams See more » Frequently Asked Questions See more ».

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